Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 2: Reunions After the Last Day

This post is a part of Episode 1: Glimpse from the Past. Specially written for four of my best friends who are often available here to comment (call it never). Again this post is the reflection of Bond that we share. 
I was waiting for my bus to arrive at my bus stop. "Oh! Bhaiya bus aa gaye" Mohit claimed at sharp 7:25 A.M. Within no time the bus crossed Preet Vihar and there I was. I could hear the hustle and bustle coming out from the School Building as soon as the Bus # 1 entered the Main Gate. It was a normal day just like a normal Thursday until I realized Thursday February 7 is going to be the my Last Day at L.P.S. Though the realization was late and I still repent over it.

The joy of leaving the school for a new beginning of new Life filled me up. New College, new people, new place, It was all so exciting which over-shadowed the fact that one day I'll miss this place which I once cursed. The day kicked up with straight three period bunks perhaps the best bunk with them. We unwillingly attended physics lecture since we were all tired. “I need to feed my tummy”, said Akshit. And like a good friend I snatched his lunch box and ate all his bread jam. My body shivers down the spine when I try to recall what that jerk did to me after he clinched me, if you’re curious to know what his actions were, well trust me you don’t want to see you’re being fitted perfectly between the two benches, do you? After learning about his animal-like strength I always irritates him, his inhuman acts gives a perfect back massage.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We for Vodka

This is an On Demand post. Meant to reflect the bonds of friendship.

I reached home at about 8 P.M. All tired. Struggling not to let unconsciousness to take over my mind but steadily I was slipping into this endless peaceful world.

Mom - So late!?! Seems my child has been working a lot at college.
Me - Hmm...
Mom - So when did you left for home?
Me (weak tone) - Mum I'm tired, I am going to bed.
Mom - Haan?? You haven't taken anything into your stomach. How could you think that I'll possibly let you go to sleep?
Me (ignorance) - I'm dozing off. Wake me at 7 in morning.

What actually happened that morning—

From what I could hazily sum up I was heading towards my college when I got a call from Gaurav (my best pal, I thought so), asking me to disembark from the Metro as soon as possible.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Fun Day Out

Though I was about to write and post it the very next next moment I stepped into my room but curse my lethargic and lame body which didn't allowed me turn ON my PC and start typing on MS Word. So I delayed this post. Now, when I am here, let us begin -

It was the of an upcoming wedding which brought us all together after such a long time.

1 PM, Mom announced a visit to mall for shopping. As directed to us (Me, my brother and my Dad), we dressed up as fast as we could and all headed towards the Mall. I always had a strong feeling that going to a Mall with parents isn’t a good idea. This ideal shopping idea turned into a reality when my Mom say so many Couples altogether at the same time. Instead of ignoring she was constantly staring them. Soon she diverted her attention towards me and questioned—
Do you have a Girlfriend? Baffled me. With a flustered state of mind and slippery tongue I answered N….n..n…..noo! Expecting a straight and firm reply from her sweetheart, instead she got a weak answer which confirmed her suspect into a half reality. Every single time she crosses a couple her raised eyebrow scares me. What would be her next question was haunting me all the time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Winter Essence

My first Guest post. Written by a young blogger Pratul Bagri blogs at Another World. Enjoy his Winter from his scope.

We never dared to go out of our room in the scorching summer, air conditioner, coolers and fans gave us some respite from the hell heat. I wore limited clothes and sat in front of A.C lazing around at night mosquitoes attacked us and satisfied their blood thirst, the days passed and after some time God showered us with cold and beautiful raindrops soon the summer was leaving only for the winters to come.

We stopped using our A.C and cooler and also with time the speed of our fan lowered, time came when it finally came to halt, the one which swirled all summer and monsoon hung motionless on that cold evening, I could smell the the cool and calmness in the atmosphere.
After working hard that day I went to bed satisfied.The bed was cold but cozy, I drew a blanket on myself and felt a sense of accomplishment I truly happy at that moment as I closed my eyes I saw sleep approaching towards me, there was dead silence all around except from the ticking of clock which irritated me the most for 2 minutes but soon it became music of my sleep.Slowly I lost my senses and lay on my bed under the dark, starry night sky dreaming. Ahhh... what beautiful dreams I had they are ineffable.

I was shaken up from this paradise by my father, my eyes opened to reality, I sat on my bed still half slept I looked at my father and then at the clock 5:20 A.M it said. Once again my father was up on time, from what I can remember he had always been up on time, whatever the weather may be he always went for his morning walks. This punctuality always inspired me.I looked at him once again wondering what urgent need had it been to wake me from my beautiful sleep.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Bigg Boss 4 - Emotional Attyachaar

Last episode (call it senselessness) of Bigg Boss season 4 compelled me to write a blog post upon it. Bigg Boss season which claims itself to be a family show since season 1 is now turning out to be something above a family show perhaps it has redefined the words Family Show  show which members of family watch after being isolated. Much hyped show hosted by Salman Khan is no more viewer's choice (check TRP). Bringing foreign artists belongings (Veena Malik and Begum Ali) for TRP wasn't a smart move, MNS left no stone unturned to criticize this action. This 4th season is mutating more into a समुदाय भवन (Community Hall), on what basis? Duh! Sara-Ali wedding is an on-screen example. Though the producer of this staged drama was been requested not to air this weeding by this daily soap candid couple but he simply refused to oblige their demand and strictly asked them to read the contract. Couple is expected to file a complaint against the producer in Rakhi Ka Insaaf. 

Somehow Bigg Boss 4 is trying to pronounce itself as a youth show more like MTV. Romance by most and Abuses by Dolly are in the air. Veena Malik's proposal to Hrishant Goswami via Dolly and Hrishant not taking her proposal pushes this much needed producer's effort to set an example that We're your Love Guru. Yeah! Now a boy can expect that a girl can propose him (though it never happens) Ah! Dolly. How could I possibly forget that sloth potato bag that lie on the couch and innovates the ways to get up on feet for dinner. Actually the heaviness of her voice can be conservative sometimes. Like on Diwali, her reduced expenditure on Crackers is one among the two constructive use of her voice.