Monday, November 15, 2010

The Winter Essence

My first Guest post. Written by a young blogger Pratul Bagri blogs at Another World. Enjoy his Winter from his scope.

We never dared to go out of our room in the scorching summer, air conditioner, coolers and fans gave us some respite from the hell heat. I wore limited clothes and sat in front of A.C lazing around at night mosquitoes attacked us and satisfied their blood thirst, the days passed and after some time God showered us with cold and beautiful raindrops soon the summer was leaving only for the winters to come.

We stopped using our A.C and cooler and also with time the speed of our fan lowered, time came when it finally came to halt, the one which swirled all summer and monsoon hung motionless on that cold evening, I could smell the the cool and calmness in the atmosphere.
After working hard that day I went to bed satisfied.The bed was cold but cozy, I drew a blanket on myself and felt a sense of accomplishment I truly happy at that moment as I closed my eyes I saw sleep approaching towards me, there was dead silence all around except from the ticking of clock which irritated me the most for 2 minutes but soon it became music of my sleep.Slowly I lost my senses and lay on my bed under the dark, starry night sky dreaming. Ahhh... what beautiful dreams I had they are ineffable.

I was shaken up from this paradise by my father, my eyes opened to reality, I sat on my bed still half slept I looked at my father and then at the clock 5:20 A.M it said. Once again my father was up on time, from what I can remember he had always been up on time, whatever the weather may be he always went for his morning walks. This punctuality always inspired me.I looked at him once again wondering what urgent need had it been to wake me from my beautiful sleep.

"School " he said, now I was completely awake and was about to go in trance... school definitely not the place I'll like to be...I felt the blues. "I am not going today" I uttered. He still kept looking at me, I saw his eyes and knew what they meant, unwillingly I got up from my bed "Alright" I said, convinced my father left the room and went for his walk. I wore my slippers , a cold breeze swept me as soon as I opened the door, chill went through my spine.The moon was still visible and the stars too shining with glory I rubbed my hands and kept them in pajamas pockets.
After my business and brushing it was a dreadful walk to the bathroom. I hurriedly bathed, dancing on every water drop that touched me. It was morning when I returned from shower but was still feeling lethargic. After helping myself with "Aloo ke paranthe" I left for the bus stop. The sun was covered in fog which change it's colour to white. The fog was not very thick but still hindered the vision.

My mother always gave an apple in mornings before I going to my bus stop but this was a different apple--The Winter Apple. The first bite was most pleasurable the wonderful juices mixed with my dry saliva and made the taste heavenly indeed.
Full sleeves shirt and a sweater on it was not enough to prevent me from shivering, I once again rubbed my hand and kept them close to my body. I heard the honking of my bus it brought the warmth of the engine with it. The atmosphere in the bus was comfy after exchanging greetings I composed my self on the last seat, the calm weather, pin drop silence in atmosphere, fog and this beautiful morning ignited a spark of writing inside of me.


  1. There is a flow in which you bind your readers. Felt the ending was sudden and abrupt, but nejoyed reading it.

  2. Visit his blog. He writes profound. You will like it.


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