Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diagnose Holi

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Holi is the festival of colours.” We all have been taught this phase ever since we were little lollipop sucking cuties but as the time passed by this festival of colour also changed its meaning in Delhi. Now not much people show their inclination towards this festival much here, fortunately I too contribute in the majority. I don’t like getting out of my house. Yes, you heard it so correct – I restrain myself into my room. But this doesn’t mean I don’t like this joyful festival. I like it as much as people in Mathura do but the meaning behind this festive mood in Delhi has got a new face all together over past couple of years.

With the change of ode in understanding, a peculiar trend of celebrating Holi was born and is nourishing now at its full swing; I call it “Tacky Holi”. Celebrating Holi in some parts of Delhi baffles me. People either out of their sheer boring life or no-wife life makes this festival a festival of cries.
If you’re wondering what the heck, am I trying to testify or how does this anyhow relates my No-No for holi then let me enlighten you—

I have been closely tracking Holi from past two years; each year manifests my belief into a rigid concrete surface. Recently, Holi news that is making a stir is “Man threw Acid on Girl from his Pichkari”. Such headlines make me wonder, what the girl did. She was just walking by. People over-drink and pick up fights against any random pedestrian. This turns ugly when both of them abuse at the pinnacle of their heavy-broken-machine-alike-voices. It does not feels nice when family is near and loud abuses you have to bear, neither I can enjoy the street drama nor can I curse them. Eventually police embarks and cuts the roadside entertainment but this entertainment also leaves a question behind, what if you were a part of this street drama. Holi gives liability to touch and throw colours and balloons and this makes worse for girls. Street and sexual harassment are off the charts on this day of year.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Date

My collection was vast
It was a call; last night when I ran into my store room, I didn't want my parents in adjacent room to pry out their sweetheart is talking late night with Someone. A messy and dusty room with a sweet mushy fragrance, that reminded me of something. I got too busy with my call that I almost forgot the fragrance. An hour long call ended. I was tired. Just before I was about to step out of the store room; that majestic fragrance again took over my sensitive nose and I sneezed mildly, mild enough to kill the sound in the room itself.

I looked around – a poster, an old calendar, dusty boxes with useless items were seen lying. But in the corner of the shelf I saw a pink colour box, big and heavy enough to bring me down to sweat. I was eager to see what was encased in it so carefully.

The pink colour box tightly taped. I somehow managed to rip the tape. A familiar “gun” appeared, "Mouser". Yes, I remember this gun. I shot my younger brother with this once. Later he told Mom and rest I don’t wish to discuss here. It was my toy box. Once Four sacks of toys were now somehow got reduced and now they occupy just a mere box. I rolled the box and all my toys were on the floor. Touching each of them was a sheer bliss, brought back everything which was shut in my solitude. Each toy opened a new storyline attached to it. By now I had started dabbling into a room of memories which was remote for quite some time.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Long Live Police

– Once upon a time, while World Cup 

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Is That Eve-Teasing?

From my hazy memory I could sum up, it was the starting of 3rd semester when I with one of my friend went to Nai Sadak to buy some of our course books. Those who don’t know, Nai Sadak is well known and famous place in Delhi, you can find all course books over there. While returning back to Chandni Chowk Metro Station we took a short cut. The short cut was quite remote which we realized later.

We took a right turn and 5-6 meters ahead of us was walking a girl, constantly being followed by 2 local boys who were passing lewd remarks on her and were relishing it. Unaware of us they were time to time making their comment steep on the chart of lewdness. She was holding a poly-bag in her right hand and a bag was on her shoulder, seems she too was there to shop for books.

While walking by something shot into my solitude. "This is eve-teasing, right?" I questioned myself. I've read about it but never faced any situation quite like this. "How should I stop it?" was the next question. I told it to my friend, he too was concern. We cannot fight them like this. We needed to figure out something diplomatic urgently. And that was the time when an idea struck into my mind. We hurriedly went to the girl passing by the boys and started walking by her sides. At first she didn’t notice, perhaps because she was busy in figuring out how to get out of the mess she was in. Soon she noticed the halt in lewd remarks and two fellows walking along her sides and joking on their school life. The boys following her were still following us. I think it was instincts more than understanding that the girl realized, we were there just to help.

I passed a smile to her and she returned it back. Within no time we reached Metro Station. Not saying much she thanked us for our help. We parted our ways. She went off to catch a bus while I along with my friend took the Metro.

This was the first time I ever took such a step and perhaps the first time I ever saw eve-teasing and dared to intervene before it could turn ugly.

India is a country of Freedom but Freedom is at times taken in a sense of “Free-To-Do-Anything”.

This post was first published on "Stop Street Harassment 
Non confrontational intervention to stop eve-teasing in Delhi