Saturday, March 17, 2012

Being a Man

Mard ko dard nahin hota!” Ever since Amitabh Bachchan beautifully said this dialogue in his movie “Mard”, the apparently mere metaphorical representation of the pain and agony that Amitabh was subjected to “in the scene” took a leap of stride. The dialogue which was once used to symbolize the maleness has lately been readily abused and is used against males themselves, of course by their most appropriate counterpart. Who else would envy the males?

I am here to describe how being a male is a relentless tougher job than being a female. There, I said it. Someone has to whirl the perils of being a male in the women bent society, I am here do so. I heard a lot about how difficult is to be a female; people read and appreciate the facts but never hurl, “How is it being a male?” Being a male is not only shoving the pay cheque in a poker match, attending all the super cars/bikes rally or googling the nearest strip club, no absolutely not m’am. Perhaps, some facts might clear the mist around us.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Valentine's Day To Remember

In this month of love I asked Red Handed to help me out with a post sprinkled with the splashes of love from her perspective. She said okay. I said good. She poured some neat ideas, I blend them with dirt. And before we could claim the superiority we co-authored a blog post. Tada!
Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and I am all excited about it. Perhaps, Valentine’s Day serves me much more than Diwali. We all know the fabricated custom of this day. Sending SMSes to only girls. Oozing your tender feelings for her; of course on SMS or sometimes on GTalk. Fixing a plan to meet for face-to-face confession with some chocolates and flowers. This is Valentine’s Day in Indian sphere unlike western. Things have gone social. Couples spamming your News Feed on Facebook, Timeline on Twitter, Scrapbook on Orkut and Nothing on LinkedIn with their heart melting I Love You Jaanu posts beautifully carved with and tones of emoticons “<3”; being prominent. If you do NOT use “<3” at the end of every wall post you write on your partner's wall on Facebook, you are not in love. Period. End of discussion. I personally relish such posts, much because I love to barge in with irksome comments and leave with a sense of doubt. The best thing about today's socially advanced custom you are considered a couple only when your Facebook status is updated from being single to in a relationship.

A lot of people talk about what to do after you are in a relationship but never cared to mull what preparations are prerequisite for it. How would you feel if the moment of desperation ends up blowing in your face? You propose her with some perfectly rehearsed lines; a convincing brief of your inclination for her and all you get at the end is a tossed heart straight into the dustbin which reads “use me”. This is a scenario of unprepared Ranjha. Heer would never suffer such loss of determination because she would never approach her wanted-to-be Ranjha; moral girl code strictly prohibits them for certain acts; Sistah Code (Sly copy of Bro Code).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolution and All

It has been 10 days since the New Year has arrived. It is 2012 and like a regular activity everyone has started framing their own New Year resolutions to make their life better. When I say everyone, it includes actors, politicians and various other inhuman kinds (Yes, yes the KRK types). With Jingle Bells still stuck into my head I have formulated a resolution list occupation wise which has enough potential to rescue India and more importantly Mankind.


Abhishek Bachchan – He is an impotent important man with potential, only potential or is it just the last name notching un-requisite weigh to the first name. Judging by the year 2011 and those which went by like a yawn in context of his career/acting, Bachchan must seriously consider learning the art of choosing. Script that sucks cannot earn.

Aamir Khan – You just need Complan shake to increase your height and then you won’t have to swallow the imminent camouflaged joke by Shahrukh. I am your big fan, hoping someday someone will turn out to be your big cooler.

Shahrukh Khan – Juxtaposition, Aamir listed above is the reason. There are so many people who want to make their unanimous honest confession. I gave them this blog post as a medium to express their heartfelt thoughts. I cannot type whatever they said, since I am in a public domain but the people who witnessed the phenomenon of Rs 132 Crores which you named as Ra.One are feeling uneasy to let you go after being subjected to a 4th dimensional mental asylum that you created. Filing a lawsuit was most appealing them as a perfect buster and then Don2 happened. New thoughts are in process, will update you.
You must take a resolution to make movies which is little above the line of nonsense. If people can appreciate Golmaal then they will definitely look forward to yours.