Taking a wild guess out of four multiple choices, I say; you are here to know about this blog.


Why “The Unwise Prevails Over The Wise”?

Blog name was confirmed after carrying out a streak of profuse mulling for days and days, which later grew into weeks. No, no the name is not meant to be a camouflage; out of everything I’d consider pervy deceptive names as my last resort, though I am good at it. But this name did just fine.

Again and again stumbling upon the musings of someone else; at first it made me feel happy for them. What a pretty life they have. They have a car that can fly, a multi-functioning toaster which can iron the school uniform, a laptop which can automatically tweet their jokes, a cell phone which can automatically adjust the surrounding according to the lie spoken and endless more. Perhaps, I will never be able to live such a life but, lying about life can also be fun, no?
Result *Puff* "The Unwise Prevails Over The Wise" was born.

You cannot tell the content under the name unless you read some of them which give me an edge, a relief of being read, hitherto; you realize there is nothing good to read here. *Sigh*
I get amuse by the word unwise itself which is precisely why it is in the header.

Pulling down the regular musings on almost everything next to insignificant in this space is pretty much what I like to do. *Sniff*