Saturday, June 25, 2011

Face—Two Face

P.S This chat is not in association with Coca Cola, Pepsi, Huggies Diaper, Vicco Turmeric Cream and not even with MDH Masala. 

Lately I have been wondering what I shall write as a blog post and then a fantastic idea struck into my mind. Why should I write a post alone? Interview is the most glorious way to ease the burden. However, I will have to credit the interviewee, hence I asked a "very good friend" of mine to pop up on my blog (like an ad) for an unofficial chit chat.

So Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the author of a "widely read blog" (That is what she told me) Aura of Sleepless Dreams; Samadrita.

Since Samadrita is so much happy and honoured to be here so let us just skip the sissy formal talks if it is okay with her.

Samadrita - Sure, but how much will you pay me for this post? Oh sorry we'll talk about this later via mail.

Prateek – Samadrita, it is a Bengali name but what I want to know is, the meaning behind it.
 Samadrita- Samadrita comes from the word “Samadar” and refers to a female who is loved and
respected by all. XD Don’t I live upto my name? :P
  Prateek - Oh yes you do. Who knows it better than me. Eh!

Prateek – You have been blogging since 2008. Whoa! How did you stumble upon the thought to blog?
 Samadrita It wasn’t a conscious decision to get into regular blogging. I just remember reading about a shocking newspaper report on the murder of a 10 year-old for an i-pod and felt the need to share my views somewhere. Before this I had read about how blogging had become a hip new trend for netizens and hence decided to get a blog myself. A platform where I could write and let myself be heard.

Prateek – Okay! Your blog name is quite eccentric in its own and so is the description. It gives a feeling of insomnia; though the content you pour is opposite. I want an explanation.
 Samadrita Honestly, the name of the blog was suggested by a very close friend of mine, Atindriyo. He has a poetic streak in him and came up with the name based on my nocturnal tendencies. I stay up late either reading or watching stuff or pursuing any of my hobbies. Never go to sleep right away. I liked the name instantly because it exuded such a surreal charm.

Prateek – Blogs you love stalk, of course else than mine.
 SamadritaPurba di’s A-musing, Giribala’s The Grist Mill, The Great Jhunjhunwala’s Secret Journal, Nethra’s Otiose Opinions,, Pritish Nandy’s blogs in TOI ...ah too many names to mention.

Prateek – You are an avid reader, what else Sammy likes.
 SamadritaSammy likes irritating you. :P I like music. Sing once in a while myself. I like gathering knowledge on anything and everything. Have a special interest in Japan and the Japanese language. And only recently I’ve gotten interested in South Korea. Current affairs, news items, politics hold a special place in my heart too.
  Prateek - Irritating feeling is mutual. We indeed have so much in common.

Prateek – Though it is impossible but if given a chance, where would you like to pay a visit – Moon or Venus?
 SamadritaMoon. I’m not too knowledgeable about the atmosphere prevailing in Venus. Moon seems closer to the earth having a safer environment. So moon, from a practical point of view. :P

Prateek – Here is a rapid fire round—

Shahrukh Khan or Uday Chopra
None? Okay SRK if I really need to choose.
Delhi or Banglore
Himesh Reshammiya or “New” Sonu Nigam
Geez can't I have an option I can actually choose? New Sonu Nigam. Eh!
Japanese Drama or Korean Drama or Indian Drama
Korean Dramas
Karan Johar's Movies or Ram Gopal Verma's Movies
Okay this is a tough one I hate both of 'em but Karan Johar 
Punjab Kesari or India TV
Seriously speaking I dunno about either. Never watched India tv for more than 2 mins.
Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato
Taylor Swift. Her music is honestly!
Touch or QWERTY
Hill Station or Beach
Hill Station
Anime or Cartoon
Shaktimaan or Gangadhar
Ravinder Jadeja or Ajit Aggarkar
Err pass? Ajit Agarkar
Love Songs or Peppy Songs
Love Songs. Taylor Swift tch-tch.
Blackberry or Blueberry
Blackberry or Nokia

Prateek – Does any of your relative reads your blog? What are their opinions?
 SamadritaOnly mom does. She offers me criticism mostly about where I could’ve written better or more eloquently.
  Prateek - Lucky you. My mom only likes to see me with my course books. Envy you.

Prateek – What would be your reaction if one day you wake up and find yourself turned into a man?
 Samadrita I’ll be devoutly thankful for then I wouldn't have to spend my entire life with another man. :P on second thoughts, I love being a woman and would never even consider being born as a man in any of my next lives.

Prateek – You must have felt awesome when I asked you for an interview like chat.
 SamadritaOh I totally did. I am honoured to be interviewed by a normal blogger for once. Last I was interviewed, the interviewer turned out to be a fake blogging platform, headed by a sworn plagiarist. This is way way way better than that. :P
  Prateek - At least your interview was published. My interview was lost and was never seen. :|

Prateek – Your tip to those who are often called Orkutiyas?
 Samadrita - Dudes, you need to devise a more sophisticated way of hitting on babes in the virtual world. The Orkutiya way is turning obsolete and too obvious.

Prateek - Am I irritating you? 
 Samadrita - No not at all if it is a competition. I never lose.

Prateek – Since we can do this forever and ever let us seal this chat with a last question. Please tell everyone about me. Yes, you can use boastful words for me I won't mind.
 SamadritaWell to me, you’re a darling and an awesome blogger friend. And the friendship that I share with you was never made on the basis of exchanging blog comments. It just developed on its own pace and that is the real reason that I’m so happy to be doing this interview with you instead of just anyone else. And as far as your blog is concerned, I follow it because of the content. Your sense of humor will take you places, I guarantee it.
Prateek - Aww! How cute but still I get to irritate you!

Thank you Sammy you can sleep now. I will bother you next time for a new post.


  1. Samadrita inside out. Innovative thought Prateek! Loved it :D

  2. Ah. Smart move. To interview. But for this one the credit goes to Samadrita! Interesting answers. And questions too..:-)

  3. Love both of you, Prateek and Samadrita.....

    Enjoyed the banter.

  4. That was an interesting interview but who's Gangadhar? And why only moon and venus? Why not Saturn and Jupiter too? I want to go to Neptune anyway and I don't know why. :P

    And Sammy, I liked all your answers. They were smart unlike Prateek's questions. :P And thanks for mentioning me, girlie! :)

  5. Psst...
    Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai :P

    Nice interesting interview. hehe

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. That was a fun read. It's nice to see other bloggers on a chat-platform. Although, it alerts me to never have a chat with you on g-talk. All my secrets and pokes to you might just get blogged! :P

  7. @Vamsi Yeah I know you would. :D

    @Zeba: Thank you!

    @Alka: Love you too!

    @Nethra: Haha no problem. You know I love reading you!

    @BA: Yeah they're the same but different personalities no? Like Clark Kent and Superman.

    @Ana: Glad you liked the interview!

  8. Had fun reading this interview..definitely more interesting than reading some boring politician going ga-ga :P

  9. A sharp interview and the one liners flew in thick and fast. Felt like I was watching a high on adrenalin tennis match.

    Samadrita is the leading light from the current brigade. A prolific writer,a firebrand, her posts are high on substance. She tackles sensitive issues with ease. And the icing on the cakes is her flawless grammar and vocabulary.

    Me too, me too @ QWERTY and blueberry :))

  10. Vamsi Thanks.

    Zeba Glad you relished.

    Alka Ma’am Love you too. :)

    Nethra I’ll throw my blatant questions on you, when I will interview you. :P

  11. Anshul Were you religiously following Shaktimaan?

    Ana Someday I’ll lure you in a chit chat. Challenge accepted!

    Rinaya Politicians nowadays go “na-na.”

    Purba Ma’am She’s a JapaKorean Star. :D

  12. Aww!! Two of my favorite peeps talking...I am overwhelmed with emotions :-|

  13. wow...this is something really different...

    Two friends and mutual irritating feeling...hmm...nice

    Friendship...single words can't describe this relationships depth

  14. Nice concept to write a post and the interview went pretty well too.
    Of course the rapid fire round would have been more interesting if it were live:)

  15. :) now we know more .. I do know samdrita .. dont know if she knows me :)



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