Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Dare You!?! You Racist

This incident dictated is written deliberately and is meant to hurt the mindsets of people who think they have evolved with the world, evolved!?! Really?

It was late afternoon at one fine boring day at college. The class was appearing much like a center of boredom, people were busy in killing the boredom, some were busy in dreaming, some were staring at the chalk box with open mouth, some preferred to slip into a noon nap, the rest left were busy in playing Poker. Poker is one game for which half of my class goes sane from insane. Given a chance they could probably bid their own house. Their Walls on Facebook is a living evident that how badly they have been smitten by this P game; lucky me, I am miles away from such pseudo madness. The game was going intense; I would have never known the intensity of the game if Anubhav haven’t murmured it in his mouth.

The long reign of Abhishek as the King of Poker was coming to a halt. Utkarsh was taking a lead and from the facial expression Abhishek didn’t like it. He lost, yes the champion was beaten and a new hero of Poker was born in the class, of course not literally born. Abhishek couldn’t digest the fact so he called another game to claim his title once again with a lewd remark at Utkarsh. Lewd remark!?! Yes, the remark was indeed lewd and it chuckle the great Poker players. The comment passed wasn’t ordinary, it was meant to hurt and was directed to penetrate deep inside Utkarsh’s heart, so it did. The comment was Racist. Utkarsh’s colour was the thing which Abhishek loathed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did HE Make It Happen?

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Circa 2005

It was late winters when a mere 15 year old boy was seriously clinched within the arms of a newly spreading viral disease. Unknown of this disease, it was mistook for a viral and the treatment was also done accordingly. 10 days later when fever seems to be unevenly trending and decreasing his parents in worry. A sudden outburst of nausea made his parents mind to take him to the nearest hospital. The boy kept asking what is going on with him but all his questioned were suppressed with a smile by his mother and were unanswered.

From my hazy memories I can tell it was the day of Diwali or a day before Diwali. Only some wardens and junior doctors were found. They weren't able to decipher, the actual cause of this uncanny behavior shown by the fever over past 10 days. After much of the examination they asked his parents to take the boy to home and come after 2-3 days but his mother wasn't ready to accept the idea and asked to admit him. After much of a conversation a Doctor showed up and started examining the boy. The boy went unconscious and doctor called it a case of emergency. Several blood tests later it was discovered that he wasn’t clinched by any ordinary flu it was Dengue. His parents were unable to gulp the fact that their piece of heart is resting with the most newly and deadly disease of the present time.

A sudden shock wave came when his platelets started dipping. The boy was struggling within his own solitude. He got an internal liver bleeding and was losing everything now. A healthy human being has 1, 50,000 to 4, 00,000 platelets count in his blood but the boy's platelets count dipped to 16000. Doctors called it off. His parents were told to take the boy with them, everything is going in vein. There wasn’t any use of giving him more platelets, already 6 packets were syringed into his body, also the machine use to segregate platelets from blood wasn’t nearby, his father has to travel 30 kilometers in chilly winter’s nights to get there. 

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shh!! Let Me Nitpick While I Boast

It was his birthday, 11th August, 2008 when he came to the store and looked for me (actually for everyone). I was there right behind him while he was busy in checking out others. He never knew about me until he was told. He saw me, he smiled and enquired about me, “Oh my gosh! He knows everything about me." He was impressed and therefore decided to take me with him. Ah, sheer bliss, new place, a new life begins for me. It was difficult to corporate with him for a while but somehow it happened. Let me first introduce you to myself. I am W705. Today’s mobile phone. You must be wondering, why is this non living metal box here and how in the world did he got the password to access this blog? Answer to the question like these would be  I stole it. Why am I here? My answer  To write a blog post. Since HE is busy with his own issues and the blog's last update was appearing to be centuries ago, literally; therefore I, yes I, W705 took the pain and accumulated my thoughts under the post title Shh!! Let Me Nitpick While I Boast. 

And here is how it goes
We had relished so many texts together until now. Most of the texts received were were dumb and sent were dumbest, dumbest enough to baffle anyone and screw the minds of the people searching the sense in his text. At times he make me go mad, I thereby automatically switch off to show my anger, I still remember when he irked me to the height of insanity. It happened when he sent a text to one of his contact 

Him  Come down I am here................
"Contact rushes out of his house to greet his long known friend when he receives another text. (Expected!)"
Him - Come down I am here in front of my college, will reach in an hour at your place within an hour or so. Hahaha!!!