Thursday, December 08, 2011

Immortality, I wish for

Where are we heading?

Sometimes days pass by until you realize they are passing. A thought clouds your mind with a temptation to explore the "what if's" and so your solitude is occupied. Days becomes night, evening and afternoon have no sign. Some of you think about getting into better college, some are occupied with better job salary while some are busy with what to download. Lately, I have been seized by a thought. Thought which might transcend the boundaries of fiction. Even though the idea can never happen but dabbling into the sea of possibilities, which indeed is perpetual, it is itself a meditation to me.

Thought, a human is ought to die as a part of an inevitable process; the thought itself brings a sense of sensation down the spine. Equilibrium has to be intact, after all that is how the universe works. Give and take away criterion is a fundamentally proven law of nature. Whenever something has to dealt with life and death, as a part of routine we always tend to drag medical science and its advancement into the field but never tried to go beyond death. Medical advancement cannot seize your youth forever. Life beyond death is my point of ponder here or Immortality, if I articulate the phrase.

Death gives us sleep, eternal youth, and immorality — Jean Paul

“How would it be if I were immortal? Rather filling only one generation I would have filled so many, if only I were immortal.” It is actually what has been keeping me up these days. Immortality is something which is always fantasized and wished by the mortals. Why we ache for such a bizarre fantasy? Perhaps, it is not the curiosity of watching the generations come and go by; somewhere down the line it is the fear to die, fear of not able to breathe again, feel the things again and departure from the loved ones. Plenty of people must had given a thought to not to die secretly in their solitude. Getting baffled by the enigma of life and death is rather very easy and intriguing also on the other hand very intimidating too. If you still haven’t given a thought, please do since I do not want to sound like a parallel universe’s weird specimen. Thought? Felt good; didn't you? Watching over your parents, children, grand children, great grandchildren and so on! Witnessing the growth; from mobile phones to holographic communication devices and eventually to the end of the world. Historic life. Wouldn’t it be, hmm?

Hindu mythology manifests the fetish for immortality. Protagonist, *of the time being* prays hard to impress his God and when succeeds; in exchange of his efforts, a blessing for immortality is being asked, often. Though, God replies with a straight no, no matter how rude may it sounds, but why? Perhaps, being immortal is not what it appears to be. Significance might to manifest itself but is encrypt somewhere in it. Mythological aspect of being immortal implies the sheer fact, that now the “mortal who has turned to immortal” shares a place amidst the various Gods. Either God is too choosey with his council members or there is no vacancy for other God job post. But nothing seems to convince me. Is then immortality a curse? I had stopped pondering upon this issue; hitherto, I was suggested to watch a series.

Recently, I had completed watching a 6 episode anime series, named Rin: Daughter of Mnemosyne which answered me the question for which I had been longing for. The story of two immortal girls; cannot be killed, and if they do get killed, they can regenerate. Excellent concept with sheer brilliant artwork (Of course artwort would be brilliant, it is an anime.) and short six episode story but with a perfectly profound moral, at least for me. With every passing episode the series taught me aspects of human life. The trading cost for being immortal is just too high. Stakes are off the charts, I’d say. The foundation policy of our entire living comes into act “if you want some, you have to give away some”. But what you have to give away in return of immortality? Seems peculiar trade, no? Given a chance to choose I would like to die instead of living for eternity. Why? Because the answer is simple, immortality is a curse. You have to pay for immortality for eternity. How would someone feel if he is made to eat his favorite food all day long? He will relish the feast for days, then after week he will get tired within a month or so, bored. Repeating the same activity for decades perhaps century will eventually lead to a life of boredom. This is the expense and peril.

Detachment is hard and dealing with the melancholy would be perpetual when you have to live on and on, seems a trivial trade to me; only if you are not a hollow emotionless lump of flesh in a human form. Peril comes with everything but the intensity differs with every circumstance, this is extreme. Living has to be kept a secret affair; questions would rise if told to everyone. Human are always curious to explore new sides of life, making your immortal life just a piece of experiments and data collection source would be a heavenly blessing for them. Changing places and identities, so much for living is not the kind of life I would ever want. Yet, there will be people who will opt to live and face the consequences. Words will fail to persuade them but their opinions will remain unshakable. Of course everything is fictitious but seems real to me, I think I am immortal………  

We Can Leak

This is a guest post is written by Aashish Aryan who is a well acknowledged writer at News That Matters Not. He blogs here.
And this time around we decided to give some competition to that white guy (do we sound racists?) with a knack for disturbing world leaders… Julian Assange. Wait, we are not going to open another website or go to the jail or encounter a rape case either.  We did our own share of leaking things and chanced upon a little bit of a “private” conversation between Harvinder Singh and his victim Sharad Pawar. Hacking into the MTNL’s telephone cable is not a big deal of efforts. This little conversation happened when Shard was at some cricket stadium and his arch-nemesis Harvinder Singh in the jail. Since MTNL’s line had a heavy disturbance hence entire conversation couldn’t be recorded. Excerpt from the conversation is as under.

Harvinder: Hello Saar. So, how are you doing now? (imagining Pawar’s left cheek). I heard some fan also went down quite close to you.

Pawar: Don’t you frickin'; dare to talk to me. Who asked you to slap me so hard? Ouch! It still
hurts. Ouch! And then that brandishing knife and all. You think it was fun, huh?

Harvinder (chuckles): I wanted it to look as real as possible, man! This is what the script demanded. Moreover, people living a virtual life can be cynics. I had to do it. Also, as the treaty goes you have not even got me Sunny, you promised me! It has been days singe the hand-on-cheek incident. (Well do we need to explain it, Which Sunny?)