Friday, October 08, 2010

Memories Revisited

Human beings are mirror that reflects the definition imperfect and not always in control. We desperately strive to defeat these realities and unfortunately are doomed to fail. Even when five people each see the same thing they often disagree on what they saw. Perception is colored by perspective, geographical position, eyesight, personality, beliefs, past experiences, and especially emotions. We see file photographs and often summarize and classify them or witness exactly what we have experienced already, giving a sudden flash of old memories from Subconscious Mind, this sudden outbreak of memories is Déjà vu.


Every time I pass by a park, I see children playing.  It halts me. I sit down on the green grass. Ah! They smell same as they used to when I was a kid. I see them playing on Sea-Saw, encasing them in mud moderately mixed with water giving a brisk effervescence of that heavenly smell which again revived those  everlasting days. I once again saw myself in that boy with blue Tee and denim shorts. Jumping off from Jungle Tree, sliding down from Giraffe.
Yes, I use to be exactly like that little Me—

Anecdotes — Chronicles of my Life

Those Were The Days
Those were the blissful days. Days’ when being nonsense was just innocence, the word relationship was only limited to Mother – Son – Father, days’ when there was no gender, caste or society difference, race was always suppose to be a Race in a field with starting line and finishing line, choosing a crayon was a distress instead of career, 1 + 2 = 3 were the toughest mathematics problem rather than integration and differentiation. Snuggled in dust and mud, almost every day ripping off jeans and shorts at the park, turning white school shirt into light brown. Neighbors complaining— look Mrs. Kiran your darling son has yet again ended up breaking my window pane. I wonder how can he always aim at my house? Making excuses to Mom, every weekend an action figure from Dad, skinned knees, sharing lunch, fights for the window seat in the bus, thrill of upcoming festivals leaving in frenzy. Beside all these, gelling up with some anonymous friend of friend so easily was the best part. Mario and Taken 3 were the best entertainment which one could possibly get. Perhaps was a farewell for me. Fights with my younger devil brother like there is no tomorrow. And how can I forget his exquisite emotionally blackmailing tactics. We were always opposite to each other, like two poles of a magnet. But yes we thoroughly enjoyed our Bachpan. Ice-creams and chocolates were used to be my 7 course meal of all time; I mean who doesn't like to get dipped into the world of Ice-cream. 
Multi – Ambition, each new morning gave me a new ambition to ride upon. From an astronaut to a farmer. Apparently life never lets you be what you exactly wanted to be. I also do remember my first ever crush on my teacher. And now when I look back then I realize Ah! I was too once a kid. Yes everything revived. I remember my toys, which are still my possessions, I remember the old Cartoon Network. Perhaps things have changed now. At times I think and feel proud to be a part of such a classic era which eventually ended. Left a deep impression in heart and joyful memories back in my Subconscious Mind. I still momentarily give a profuse random thoughts to go back into those blissful days and thwack the ground.
Whenever I dive into the world of these nostalgic anecdote, I end up staring at some random girl giving me a furious look and yes a small lump in my throat.

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  1. wow ,amazing bachpan you had and you have been expressive throughout the whole post.Very well written post and all the best for the contest.

  2. Thank you. Glad you liked it and thanks a lot for your wishes.

  3. Perception based on eye sight? can u explain this please.


  4. What I meant was, memories are part of our perceptions towards what we see, where we are, emotions etc.
    By 'what we see' I meant the the time and place where that memory framed into your mind which later gives you Déjà vu.
    It's pretty hard to explain this abstract though I tried.

  5. Very well-written... I liked your expressions even more today! Keep it up, all the best..

  6. Hey a good post. and all the best for the contest..

    and i rmeember when the neighbours would come to complain about broken windows etc ... makes one nostalgic thinking of all those good days we all had ... memories :)

    Bikram's Blog

  7. Thank you. :)
    All the best to you too!!

  8. This is an awesome post buddy. You have crafted it so well. especially the small fights with devil brother. Oh so sweet..

    Good luck for the contest

    Do stop by Sweet Madness

    --Someone Is Special--

  9. Thank you Someone. All the best to you too. :)

  10. Hi Prateek.. Beautifully written. You have really expressed your thoughts very well. Good luck for the contest.

    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. There were few rectifications to be made as I had to post it through my mobile. I've made the necessary corrections now.

    One small suggestion. the font in your blog is not visible in contrast with the background.

  11. Thank you.
    All the best to you too!!

  12. Those were the blissful days. Days’ when being nonsense was just innocence.. This is such a cute statement

  13. Nostalgia unleashed!
    Like like!
    All the best for the competition to you. :)
    Do check out mine.

  14. Thank you and best of luck to you too.

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