Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey God! I am confused, are you really there?

People ask me do you have a belief on God? In reply to which I politely manipulate their question. I answer them I’m somewhere between Believer and Atheist. This manoeuvre of manipulating the situations is bestowed upon me by the mighty himself. Thank you God
A question which I every morning ask to the deep blue sky and always gets a blank look from the clouds. Guess he isn’t present. Just a belief running down from decades. I always wonder does he helps me when I am in a desperate seek of advice or it is just a co-incidence that magically I come out of jeopardy.
A question which is always in my mind, perhaps yours too. We are living in a modern age, an ultra-luxurious saga where Science is the answer to all the myths. Is Science and Technology of 20th century is restraining many of us to believe the presence of All Mighty. Science can never answer questions on the origin of God. Question is still a mystery. God cannot be proved from Mathematics Formulae’s or Physics Derivation, what we can only do is feel his presence.
We pray to God for our well being and hope he’s listening to us.
‘God will punish you for your sins and your deeds’ a line which is very often heard but does it comes true? The answer is a big No. if this would have happened then 20th century would be a peaceful world minus Terrorism. Isn’t terrorism a sin? Yes of course it is. Killing people on the name of jihad. People are brain-washed and compelled to transform into a Jihadi from a Man. Their thoughts are wiped out up-to such an extent that a new form Jihadi is ready to give up his life at any instance for the sake of achieving a false belief drilled into his mind— Jannat
How can you possibly land into Jannat after murdering hundreds of people and where is God when a Jihadi is relishing his brutal murder. Isn’t he a Sinner?
Then what are all those myths, a lie? Certainly not. Which brings me to another part of my hypothesis- Who created the Universe? Though a large mass of Scientists believes that universe was a result of massive blast took place 13.7 billion years agoThe Big Bang Theory. While some belief that Universe has always been the same without any disturbance. Many theories followed up and will get added to the never ending list but the question will still remain unsolved. How can universe get created on its own without the help of any external (eternal) power? Who created Humans, Animals, Nature and the Abstract around us. Yes unanswerable by Science but surely can be answered by someone mightier than us. 

Ironically there can be many reasons to believe God or to turn Atheist. It never really depends upon the theories of His existence or Non-Existence, what only matters is Your devotion.
I never forget to Thank him whenever I am high and also yell at him whenever I’m down. Ignore him to show my cool attitude reflecting an Atheist. Whatever be the case I always doubt about his Omnipresence… 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Episode One: Glimpse from the Past

This post is dedicated to my School Life and would definitely revive the fall of year 2008 in my memories.

I started as a 4 year old boy from Yojna Vihar. Place with an aura of being protected all the time. Soon after my 5th grade I was transfered to P.D Vihar.  
I could barely sum up my memories of my years at Middle Wing and early Senior Wing, they are hazy but not worth to remember, they weren't much pleasant.

Class XI C: New to all
This was a high time for everyone. All I could see was Nimish Girdhar and Yashdeep Singh killing their time doing some FIITJEE Assignments. 'They'll surely crack IIT' Sahil said. 
And you are? Hi I am Sahil Sahni from 10th F and you? I'm Prateek from 10th H. Oh! Roohi M'am section. Yep.
Soon our class teacher Mr. Deepak Diwan entered. 'What is he?' was the first question that popped into my mind at that very instant. Though he turned out to be quite Intellectual for the aspiring IIT'ians and Friendly for people like Me. Mechanical Drawing was our extra chosen subject which left No Girl in our class. There were three girls who opted for MD but they decided to only enter XI C when Ashok Sir is already in the class.
48 students in XI C and not even a single girl!?! Was the question humming the Ground Floor.
'Damn no girl, how would we live for two years' Abhineet Verma asked Me. I preferred to keep my mouth shut instead of answering 'Sahi keh raha hai yaar!'
3 months were already passed and I was still staring at FIITJEE's assignment, this time it was Work, Power & Energy which Karan Munjhal was holding very proudly in one hand, his another hand was preoccupied by FIITJEE CPP and mouth with his Rotomac 045 pen, trying to ask an 'I' level problem from Yashdeep. Weird, he could barely call out Yashdeep's name.

- During Recess standing opposite to Cycle Stand near the Main Gate was my group's favorite spot. Varun Khanna Akshit Dhiman and Bipul Biswas were in a habit to beat the crap out of me since they were my prime subjects to joke upon. Though Varun was a Busy Recess Lad but still he manages to kick me to satisfy himself.
P.S There were much more important things for Varun to do in recess. Exploration around the Mini Appu Ghar or in front of Handball Net were his most focused spots.

It was all Boys class and by now we were familiar with each others. Bunks, Hooting and Pranks were common now. 'Boyz this time we had to do something big' Mohit Dev Sharma shouted in a high pitch voice. What? What? Should we do now, we're already bored with Poplu - The Other Mathematics Teacher. 
Maybe we should all sing a song and after a gap of 3 seconds Mohit started singing, within 2 seconds the whole class joined him in a chorus.
tum toh thehre pardesi - 2 saath kya nibahaaoge 
(tum toh thehre pardesi saath kya nibhaaoge) - 2
Mohit:tum toh thehre pardesi saath kya nibahaaoge 
tum toh thehre pardesi saath kya nibhaaoge
Mohit:tum toh thehre pardesi saath kya nibhaaoge 
subaha pehli - 3 gaadi se ghar ko laut jaaoge
subaha pehli gaadi se ghar ko laut jaaoge
Mohit:tum toh thehre pardesi saath kya nibhaaoge 
Soon it could be heard at Reception too. Mrs. Nijhawan - The Senior Wing Incharge, came running through the corridor in search of something unusual. She entered XI C 'What the heck is this, a fish market?' From the backseat Vijay Mohan replied 'Yes'. Which resulted in a 3 period punishment - 'Stand on desk with hands raised' said the In-charge. XI C became the center of attraction for everyone passing through the corridor and we were prouldy standing on desks with hands half raised. Soon XI C was involved in most of the chaos done on the Ground Floor. In-Charge advised Class Teacher to do what he can. But as usual 20 minutes of lecture on social well-being and responsibilities by Diwan sir had to go in vein and so it did.
Soon this year passed out and XI C  now got evolved to XII C

Class XII C: The Legacy Continues
XII was also no different from what we've been doing in XI. This time the entire ground floor sings with us, leaving no trace that XII C started their Anthem. Though yet I wasn't able to figure out FIITJEE but I understood one thing Nimish and Yashdeep cannot think beyond Parabola, Ellipse, Kinematics, Semi-Conductors and most important Redox Reactions. 'This was 2007-08 batch which is going to appear for boards' said Vice-Principal to the Principal in a Monday morning assembly. Tomorrow you all will get your Board Roll No. soon after The Hawan, Principal made the announcement. 'Yeah, baby we are going to get our Roll No's for real tomorrow' Varun shouted at me, I think he was elated?!. 'I'm scared' Akshit softly spoke into my ears with a trembling voice which made me go down on my knees. 'Akshit are you nuts or crazy, choose any one of them which suits you the best' Bipul said in an uneven loud shaky voice. I think he is Nutazy. Hahaha Prateek you dog you cracked us again- They said in unison. Soon it was 1:30 P.M, dispersal time.
'Kal aa raha hai na? Meri Pen Drive leta hua aaeyo, kuch daal bhe diyo usmei. Kya? Kuch bhe Jodha Akbar k gaane daal laaeyo.
These were my last words for Varun on Wednesday Feburary 6 to which he replied positively and rushed towards the Main Gate to Explore. Akshit shaked my hand in Bro style and left for his home with his Avon Mountain'ing Bicycle. As for Bipul, he was coming with me to Bus # 1.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hi '', I'm new here.

My first post. Gosh! It is so exciting to post something of my own on something of my own. Though I'm not much into writing which makes it pretty much clear that I am not going to be interesting and there you go, the reason behind the creation of my Blog. I aim to get an uphold on my writing skills, I cannot satirize someone over net without penning down what I actually mean. Huh!

I know, I know its the blog's name which is bothering you, I have a perfect word for your concern Amature. Progress will lead to a better name to this blog.
Apart from this now I can boast about my own stuff, I am a Blogger, sounds cool na? News That Matters Not, ya ya the 'Indian News humour and satirical social commentary website'. I recently got associated with it, and yes certainly got something more to talk and boast about, but later.
'Blogging is necessary for someone who is planning to write, criticism and praises really helps to grow'- This is what I think. 
Its better to get criticized on Blog and overcome the flaws than to get trashed on a website by some random Cynic
Else if no-one is reading my blog at least I can admire my own work with a light smile. Yet another reason for Blogging. :P
Let the first post be short, kind of an intro to my Blog. Hope you aren't bored already. :D