Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hi '', I'm new here.

My first post. Gosh! It is so exciting to post something of my own on something of my own. Though I'm not much into writing which makes it pretty much clear that I am not going to be interesting and there you go, the reason behind the creation of my Blog. I aim to get an uphold on my writing skills, I cannot satirize someone over net without penning down what I actually mean. Huh!

I know, I know its the blog's name which is bothering you, I have a perfect word for your concern Amature. Progress will lead to a better name to this blog.
Apart from this now I can boast about my own stuff, I am a Blogger, sounds cool na? News That Matters Not, ya ya the 'Indian News humour and satirical social commentary website'. I recently got associated with it, and yes certainly got something more to talk and boast about, but later.
'Blogging is necessary for someone who is planning to write, criticism and praises really helps to grow'- This is what I think. 
Its better to get criticized on Blog and overcome the flaws than to get trashed on a website by some random Cynic
Else if no-one is reading my blog at least I can admire my own work with a light smile. Yet another reason for Blogging. :P
Let the first post be short, kind of an intro to my Blog. Hope you aren't bored already. :D


  1. Cool.
    The best thing about blogging is that you become a publisher for yourself!

  2. Yeah! Plus you don't have to pay for it. :P

  3. Best wishes for your blog! I had started mine around the same time last year. Enjoy the journey and discover new paths along the way!

  4. Thank you ma'am. I too hope for the same.

  5. Cool dude..keep it up! m also new to blogging arena, it feels good to be commented.


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