Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey God! I am confused, are you really there?

People ask me do you have a belief on God? In reply to which I politely manipulate their question. I answer them I’m somewhere between Believer and Atheist. This manoeuvre of manipulating the situations is bestowed upon me by the mighty himself. Thank you God
A question which I every morning ask to the deep blue sky and always gets a blank look from the clouds. Guess he isn’t present. Just a belief running down from decades. I always wonder does he helps me when I am in a desperate seek of advice or it is just a co-incidence that magically I come out of jeopardy.
A question which is always in my mind, perhaps yours too. We are living in a modern age, an ultra-luxurious saga where Science is the answer to all the myths. Is Science and Technology of 20th century is restraining many of us to believe the presence of All Mighty. Science can never answer questions on the origin of God. Question is still a mystery. God cannot be proved from Mathematics Formulae’s or Physics Derivation, what we can only do is feel his presence.
We pray to God for our well being and hope he’s listening to us.
‘God will punish you for your sins and your deeds’ a line which is very often heard but does it comes true? The answer is a big No. if this would have happened then 20th century would be a peaceful world minus Terrorism. Isn’t terrorism a sin? Yes of course it is. Killing people on the name of jihad. People are brain-washed and compelled to transform into a Jihadi from a Man. Their thoughts are wiped out up-to such an extent that a new form Jihadi is ready to give up his life at any instance for the sake of achieving a false belief drilled into his mind— Jannat
How can you possibly land into Jannat after murdering hundreds of people and where is God when a Jihadi is relishing his brutal murder. Isn’t he a Sinner?
Then what are all those myths, a lie? Certainly not. Which brings me to another part of my hypothesis- Who created the Universe? Though a large mass of Scientists believes that universe was a result of massive blast took place 13.7 billion years agoThe Big Bang Theory. While some belief that Universe has always been the same without any disturbance. Many theories followed up and will get added to the never ending list but the question will still remain unsolved. How can universe get created on its own without the help of any external (eternal) power? Who created Humans, Animals, Nature and the Abstract around us. Yes unanswerable by Science but surely can be answered by someone mightier than us. 

Ironically there can be many reasons to believe God or to turn Atheist. It never really depends upon the theories of His existence or Non-Existence, what only matters is Your devotion.
I never forget to Thank him whenever I am high and also yell at him whenever I’m down. Ignore him to show my cool attitude reflecting an Atheist. Whatever be the case I always doubt about his Omnipresence… 


  1. Not atheists, but not practicing Hindus...that's what we are evolving into. We neither have the time nor inclination to follow rituals, but ironically it is the Supreme being we reach out for in our moments of elation & despair.

    Nice template btw.

  2. True. Dependency on Science up-to a greater extent is halting us. Plus life's busy, so 0% devotion.

    Template says— Thank you for the acknowledgement.

  3. Someone should write an open letter to God. Very well written. I have the same questions troubling me..

  4. Um! You can change the format, it'll appear to be an open letter. :)


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