Monday, February 14, 2011

Eat, Play and Sleep

I'll kill you, and so will I

Out of every damn thing created by God MAN is the only specie which has been bestowed with this peculiar trait called “Eating”, “Eating” and once again “Eating”. Of course women are also unique but their peculiarities are way much bizarre than men. Eh? I am being sexist. No, it's a sheer fact.

Alright! Coming back to the men. Eating has always been our favorite hobby or even a pass time. Men eat because they are born to eat, it's their birth right. So what is the problem if they're practicing it?
So here I am to answer a few questions (call it FAQs) which often create an ape image of the men

Q: Why do Men eat weirdly?
A: Simply because they have much more hunger as compared to their counterparts.

Q: Why are men less emotional in comparison to their counterparts?
A: Men are emotional, it is just that men’s tear glands have yet not evolved like that of women’s. Therefore they are incapable of producing drum-full of tears.

Q: If a man has to choose between his Girlfriend and Mc.Aaloo Tikki costing Rs.15, can we rely that he'll be choosing his girlfriend?
A: Are you nuts? Hell NO! Don't you see we live to eat rather than eating to live.Rs.15 Mc. Aaloo Tikki any day!!!. Mc.Aaloo Tikki costs above Rs.20 exclusive of 12.5% VAT. We cannot leave any eatable item which is provided below MRP.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Do We Really Have a Future? I Doubt

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Earth on development

On the cost of resources, developments were made. There was a time when robotics matched human’s mind. Humans’ paradox to notch luxury was constantly permuting the advancement and soon was a time when the robots were able to surpass their creators in every possible field. They had now started thinking independently for themselves.

They were everywhere

They were now in a state to claim their superiority over their creators. Unknown of the outcomes man tend to bend his living and lifestyle degree by degree. One day Machines rebuked and started their rebellion.

A mother in 3011 era tells her son the past of the Earth

Humans were being exterminated by the machines. We were left with no choice than to leave the planet Earth. And that was the time when we decide to elope and settle on a plant light years from the Earth, 'Xnor'. And this was how it ended.

P.S This is a mere science fiction inspired from my brother's venture.