Saturday, February 05, 2011

Do We Really Have a Future? I Doubt

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Earth on development

On the cost of resources, developments were made. There was a time when robotics matched human’s mind. Humans’ paradox to notch luxury was constantly permuting the advancement and soon was a time when the robots were able to surpass their creators in every possible field. They had now started thinking independently for themselves.

They were everywhere

They were now in a state to claim their superiority over their creators. Unknown of the outcomes man tend to bend his living and lifestyle degree by degree. One day Machines rebuked and started their rebellion.

A mother in 3011 era tells her son the past of the Earth

Humans were being exterminated by the machines. We were left with no choice than to leave the planet Earth. And that was the time when we decide to elope and settle on a plant light years from the Earth, 'Xnor'. And this was how it ended.

P.S This is a mere science fiction inspired from my brother's venture.


  1. Hey Prateek,
    Read your story and it instantly reminded me of the movie and book, I, Robot.

    I liked the mother reading the story to her son is 3011 era on Xnor.
    Surely, we may not be there to read that story. LOL!

    All the Best!

  2. I like the idea behind. Good luck for the competition. By the way in the 2nd story, last line it will be 'started their rebellion'

  3. I am just not able to do it in 55...Good luck. All are nice.I liked the 3rd one.

  4. Rumya :D Glad you liked it. And I wrote last story first. :P

    Sammy Thankee :P

    Alka Thanks a lot

  5. You score in the uniqueness of the concept.
    Good job.


  6. Gyanban Thank you. Glad you like it

  7. How can you have Robots and no Rajni Anna!!!

    All the best for the contest.

  8. U think so differently Prateek!

    I too liked the 3rd one :)

    all the best for the contest.


  9. Purba Ma'am :P This one is for you, latest from my inbox on Rajni - A frustrated message from Rajnikanth to all the people......

    Saalo ye kaun likh raha hai ke
    RAJNIKANT ne apne
    maa baap ko paida kiya......:-D:-p

    Restless Glad you like it

  10. nce 1...i robot glimpse here,hope this nvr comes true bt still need to ponder a bit

  11. nice, liked the mother-telling-son part, it made an impactful and thought provoking ending :)


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