Monday, February 14, 2011

Eat, Play and Sleep

I'll kill you, and so will I

Out of every damn thing created by God MAN is the only specie which has been bestowed with this peculiar trait called “Eating”, “Eating” and once again “Eating”. Of course women are also unique but their peculiarities are way much bizarre than men. Eh? I am being sexist. No, it's a sheer fact.

Alright! Coming back to the men. Eating has always been our favorite hobby or even a pass time. Men eat because they are born to eat, it's their birth right. So what is the problem if they're practicing it?
So here I am to answer a few questions (call it FAQs) which often create an ape image of the men

Q: Why do Men eat weirdly?
A: Simply because they have much more hunger as compared to their counterparts.

Q: Why are men less emotional in comparison to their counterparts?
A: Men are emotional, it is just that men’s tear glands have yet not evolved like that of women’s. Therefore they are incapable of producing drum-full of tears.

Q: If a man has to choose between his Girlfriend and Mc.Aaloo Tikki costing Rs.15, can we rely that he'll be choosing his girlfriend?
A: Are you nuts? Hell NO! Don't you see we live to eat rather than eating to live.Rs.15 Mc. Aaloo Tikki any day!!!. Mc.Aaloo Tikki costs above Rs.20 exclusive of 12.5% VAT. We cannot leave any eatable item which is provided below MRP.

Q: Out of everything why the hell do men like Violence?
A: The same reason why you like a store with a Discounted Sale “up to 60% off”.

Q: Why are men like men? Why can't they be simple like us?
A: Look whose talking on complexity!

Q: Why do men sleep in poses which look so disgusting?
A: Trust me you haven't seen me sleeping. You'll start loving your Ex once you see me.

Q: Why does a man betray?
A: This question is pretty tricky but answer is so straight. A woman asking for a Diamond Jewelry from his man even after knowing that petrol is Rs.62 per liter will always direct him to a break up. The difference is it's not mutual and you call it Betrayal.

Q: Why are all men like dogs?
A: Is it sarcasm? Uh! Dogs are loyal which implies => so are men.

Q: I find men involved in scams, your take on it?
A: All I can say is that Nira Radia and Barkha Dutt are women (are they? Eh!).

Q: Men are always found guilty in a rape case or in other words women are always the victim, why? Can we, the women, not even stroll on the streets independently, without any fears?
A: This question is serious. I cannot advocate men on every subject. India has always been a male dominant society and in fact still is. The rapists do not have a sense of understanding, that rapes are illegal in India (and so in any part of the world) and this defames their own society status. They must stop this otherwise there would be no woman to marry and certainly Amendment 377 will have to be forcefully applied on the men.

Q: Are men Awesome? Actually I never got to know any?
A: Hell yeah! For your awesome information  it was the MEN after watching whom the word Awesome was coined.


  1. To put it in a straight forward way,I loved it !! Absolutely loved it. Nice humor, actually made me laugh...and by laugh I do not mean LOL and ROFL. I 'laughed'. Keep it on. Wanna read more.

  2. Archie Thankee! :P

    Tanay I've been waiting for so long for your comment. Glad you like it.

  3. haha interesting! I took it in a not so serious sense maybe thats y u r saved from a discussion but i liked it..coz its somewt true. sigh! ;(

    and i loved that ans. 'look whose talking abt complexity' ! :P


  4. :P
    I'm glad you like it. Btw I was expecting some sarcasmic comments too.

  5. You will not prompt to me, where I can find more information on this question?

  6. Its time for Gender war!! Btw did your Mc Aloo Burger get a rose this Valentine's?

  7. The author is really cool. But some of the commentators are just posting stupid words.

  8. Purba Ma'am I'm afraid no. :P

    Anonymous Haha thanks a ton dear anonymous. But the appreciations are never stupid. Peo[ple whio commented are the finest in their field. :)

  9. Sarcasm with humour..perrrfect. Esp the Mc Aloo tikki part.

  10. Ah! Super. Glad you like it. :P

  11. Hahaha..
    Nice... :D

    I love Purba di's comment !!

  12. I agree! All men are awesome!!!!!!

  13. first time here at ur space.... enjoyed the read.... really a nice write up.

  14. Haha, nice. But you know what, guys don't cry, coz they are not as brave as women to show their weaknesses. *just saying*

  15. Enchanta I too liked the comment. She stole half of my post's aura. :P

    Giribala Yay! I second you Ma'am. :)

    Irfanuddin Thank you. Would like to see you around.

  16. Another one:
    Why are men rude?
    Me- We are not, we just say whatever is on our mind instead of waiting for you to figure it out.

  17. Now this is what you call sense of humour.
    Loved the reply to "why does men betray??"


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