Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fading Festive

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It was the eve of Independence Day; 15th August. World was a beholder when world’s largest democracy cherished its 64th year of emancipation. I was trying to rate my patriotism. Has it increased by few folds or has it decreased by few notches. I don’t fly kites anyone, has the patriotism inside me died? I don’t wear Khādī has the patriotism dried?

While rating I realized; why only Independence Day, has my interest dipped for every festival or occasion celebrated in the society? I grazed for a while and realized—it is not only me. I don’t see sky full of kites anymore. I don’t see enthusiasm in 15th day of August anymore. Does my enthusiasm lies only in a single day of a year? Doesn’t my actions rather than flaunt works for the benefit of my nation?

|Does patriotism only means “that”? Can’t patriotism be not downgrading own country?

My teacher accused me of being driven by the western cult. The one who’s trying to get himself to a Canadian university as a professor warned me for not wearing Capri. Where is the love for India, I bet it is in Canada, no? So how am I supposed to make myself patriotic? Any idea? I can paint my face with tricolour and run around the streets, I can loudly sing Vande Mataram to show my patriotism is above all. Won’t my subtle actions help in progress my nation?

I do not stalk any tourist neither I ask them for their names out of blues. Doesn’t this makes my nation a little above than it actually was for tourists from abroad? I do not spit out venom, unnecessarily. Last time I travelled in DTC I heard intellectuals’ above 50’s overly ranting the nation. A little contribution can help but who cares? Rants are much easily availing medium.

| What I believe is – not making it worse is a part of not degrading.

I do not write on ancient monuments “♥ I love you Shreya ”. Monuments are tourist venue and give a great deal of moolah in Indian economy. I don’t write on them hence I do not degrade them. Doesn’t this indirectly say I’m helping my country? Perhaps, I am not economically strengthen enough to contribute in country; oh come on, I’m still a student. I see no reason to crib excessively about the ill-condition of country. Did country asked you to rape it? Excessive crime rate. Did country made you bankrupt? Betting on India-England match did. Did country made it the way it is now? Earlier it was centre of excellent monumental display and now it is all tobacco and pisses marks and smell too. Stop raving when you cannot. (FYI: Yes, this paragraph was meant to hurt.)


  1. Ouch!! The last para was hurting...actually it just tied a knot out of my intestines.
    We are proud of India whom we have mercilessly looted of her pride and glory. She still stands with her head high and maybe thats why i love her.

  2. I am glad that you act as a responsible citizen :) :)
    Patriotism is not about kites and vandematram, its about something that comes from within...
    One great scholar ones said that if ever single individual just takes the pain to keep the backward of their house clean, the whole country will be neat :) :)
    so.. be the change you wanna see...
    Jai Hind..!!!

  3. I wonder why this fascination for scribbling on walls, lifts and monuments...Honestly, I think we take too much advantage of democracy.The moment there is huge fine for defacing, people will stop doing it.The same people do not write on airports but write on buses and trains...why?

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  5. People talk because they can't help themselves :P
    and some have lost their senses too who cannot stop their mouths when it comes to Fundamental Rights but goes behind the spotlight when it comes to Fundamental Duties.

  6. Don't let your enthusiasm for festivals dip....!! Celebrate them in your own way!

  7. we are so much talented...the medieval architects have done their job...now it's our time to show our talent by scribbling on the walls...:P

    agree it's bad...we do not have that common sense...call it freedom to express yourself...

    long way to go for us...

    great post..


  8. Well you're right. Everyone can have their own notions of patriotism. We crib too much, hardly do anything constructive.

  9. very well said. lil care at some small instants can help a lot. liked ur post :)

  10. Red Or maybe because she cannot speak. I wish she could.

    Madhulika See, that's the point.

    Alka Ma'am Perhaps because they fear buses and planes will not live forever.

    Jyoti I guess fundamental rights for them means.
    Get up from bed >> Eat >> Rant >> Sleep

  11. Giribala Ma'am I fly kites. :p

    Sub LOL

    Sammy Ahaan ahaan!

    Anu YAY!!

  12. Not doing something bad = doing good ( a very pertinent question to think about)

    You have given me a lot of fodder for thought.

  13. money is not everything, our country has enough of money but it's not reaching the right corners and people. you are already doing your bit by not exhibiting nincompoop behaviour :)

    and thanks for the comment on my blog....

  14. Actions speak better than empty words but sometimes words too cut across the heart.So it is indeed advisable to our countrymen that if they can;t do anything about a problem least they can do is to discourage people who are working on it.Patriotism speaks from the heart, not just the mind...it's in picking up a dusty flag lying abandoned on the road & not walking over it pretending you didn't notice!

  15. well...patriotism is something that should come from with in....its not that when we do all those things like wearing khadis or flying kites on the eve etc..etc, then only we are patriotic.....
    perhaps we have devloped a habbit of using our freedom in all wrong senses like writing those masgs on national monuments etc...:(

    Nice Post.

  16. I have a similar perspective. There is no point in claiming to be patriotic by celebrating Aug 15 or whatsoever. All people do is put up those flowery I-love-my-country, I-support-Anna updates on fb & twitter while in reality they do nothing. It is all bluff. I think patriotism for a country should be something personal. You can do what the best you can do. In my case, I've contributed my little part to the country swearing that I'd never work in a foreign land. Indirectly all that I earn in life will be spent and confined to India alone.


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