Thursday, December 09, 2010

College isn't College Without Them

I dedicate this post to two people who supported me when I was in the middle of nowhere. Names are kept discreet and so are their faces.

It was my first day of college when They came up to me and asked firmly First year? I with a gently tone replied (which I shouldn't have) Yes. With a smile on their face They appreciated my modesty and said Chal ragging de, we're from second year. Considering that people might read my blog I won't mention what They made me do. PS: It still hurts. From the very first day I restrain myself, kept a very low profile when They were around, instead of taking the short way to canteen I use to travel the entire periphery of college, why? Because They were in my way to canteen. Screw Them, were the words which usually slips out of my tongue. Good morning Sir, good morning ma’am was the alloted greetings which I was asked to give them whenever They finds me. A semester passed away and still I had to show them my modesty. It was a perpetual question which I use to ask myself. My thoughts of uneven questions came to a halt soon during the End Terms examination for 2nd semester when sir and ma’am helped me with my bleak academics. My mind was perplexed after the latest helpful deed by Them. They not only provide me the notes but also cleared my concepts about the subject and marking scheme adapted by the university and freaking college. They’re good no They’re great as person. This was the first time I prejudiced someone and literally got wrong. Soon we started gelling up. We got perfectly blend into each other (I can see water in your mouth. I am not talking about samosa or bred pakoda).

My class is one heck of a place enriched with swine’s with a typical low mentality. Throwing a personal comment on me is their most enjoyable pass time. This vexes me, but someone (my Twitter Mom) once said to me “there is a limit to the number of dogs you can quiet... Let barking dogs bark at random....” Considering it as an apt philosophy for my college life I made a change into my attitude towards them, I call it—Ignorance a Bliss. Nice na!?!

You see now, faces are discreet too
Now WE’re best friends, I irritate Them profusely, perturb Them at my maximum. If your question is Don’t They mind? Then my answer is Yes, They do. But who (Me) cares, I love testing my irritation/sarcasm prodigy on Them (Note- Don't you dare to try to kill me or even attempt to send me to Heaven, I’ll call my mom.” Mummyyyyyyy they’re killing me.” *I can see you running*). Now I don’t really care what the college fake mates think or how their low leveled comments they throw to unstable with mind, chuck (I wish I could use the word which comes after E instead of Ch. Oops! I used it. Sorry, my bad) them.

Endless fun filled outings, numerous PJ’s on each others strengthened our bonding. I call one of them Jalaj (PS: Only I have the right to spell his name reverse and I enjoy it) and other is Dodo (PPS: She’s endowed with an unnatural tendency to hit hard, if she finds someone calling her with this peculiar name. Yes, I witnessed the torture to Jalaj when he called her Dodo. BTW I enjoyed that one hell of bashing). Moreover, They were the first who appreciated my writing skill in real world, though they never comment but they also never refrained patting my back after having a read on posts. I wish this time could stop and last forever.

What saddens me?

Once I pictured the future scenario and this compelled me to post this blog post before it’s too late – what will happen after a year, when they both would be placed and I’d be left alone. I pictured myself standing alone in the corridor, I saw myself sitting alone in canteen sipping a cup of coffee and remembering all the time WE spent together, I sit inside the college garden without anyone helping me with academics, when you’ll get busy with your own life will WE meet ever again? The question is uncertain and the answer is more than uncertain. Life changes, people meet, they become friends, they advances to good friends, they upgrades to best friends then one fine day they slip away. Life has always been like this and I have realized it now.

So I try to get best out of every moment with them so that in near future I don’t regret of not enjoying something which could be…….….


  1. To all those who it might matter to, He calls me Mummy! Sigh. Great post my dear son. The girl in the very hazy picture looks sweet.

  2. Yayy!! Mumma commented. :)
    Yes, indeed the girl is sweet, she made my Mechanical Drawing sheet. :P

  3. The fachha will miss his seniors? Nice~

  4. Prateek, this was touching. I have a similar set of friends, 9 of them. I love them and while reading this post, I was reminded of them..great write friend. keep it up


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