Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 2: Reunions After the Last Day

This post is a part of Episode 1: Glimpse from the Past. Specially written for four of my best friends who are often available here to comment (call it never). Again this post is the reflection of Bond that we share. 
I was waiting for my bus to arrive at my bus stop. "Oh! Bhaiya bus aa gaye" Mohit claimed at sharp 7:25 A.M. Within no time the bus crossed Preet Vihar and there I was. I could hear the hustle and bustle coming out from the School Building as soon as the Bus # 1 entered the Main Gate. It was a normal day just like a normal Thursday until I realized Thursday February 7 is going to be the my Last Day at L.P.S. Though the realization was late and I still repent over it.

The joy of leaving the school for a new beginning of new Life filled me up. New College, new people, new place, It was all so exciting which over-shadowed the fact that one day I'll miss this place which I once cursed. The day kicked up with straight three period bunks perhaps the best bunk with them. We unwillingly attended physics lecture since we were all tired. “I need to feed my tummy”, said Akshit. And like a good friend I snatched his lunch box and ate all his bread jam. My body shivers down the spine when I try to recall what that jerk did to me after he clinched me, if you’re curious to know what his actions were, well trust me you don’t want to see you’re being fitted perfectly between the two benches, do you? After learning about his animal-like strength I always irritates him, his inhuman acts gives a perfect back massage.

Exactly 30 minutes before the school’s dispersal we noticed that the day will be marked as the last day of our togetherness. Still no one paid any attention to it (aren’t we awesome?). Now we were preparing for the boards. Hush! Err.. Hustle.. Brain Storming. This was done literally in order to secure above 60%, a criterion among many for appearing in Engineering Entrance Exams. Soon this phase of indecent torture got over and we planned to have a get together minus Vodka. That was the first and the last time when we four as a group celebrated no-more school with a horror flick 1920 which was turned into a comedy movie by us. People around us enjoyed  our my insanity, later the staff member of Fun Cinema kicked us out (You’ll pay for this Fun, you’ll pay for this). 

Present Scenario

I can remember a lot of fun (not cinema) filled memories that occupies me while I am typing but the thing that hits me the most is every time — there are three instead of four group members. And now when we don’t talk to each other realizes me how great we were at school. We might not have a regular chit-chat like from the first to eighth period in school (Varun, this reminds me of the explosion in loo near your left ear days before Diwali. Fish I was absent that day. I can even pay to witness that happen again and again and again. You can abuse me personally but please don't clutter my blog.), now we might not share any more secrets (lets face it there are millions of them, who in the world can sit and unveil them) like we did (and Akshit I met your crush. She said Hi to me, and asked me who is this Akshit in your list is?), we might not fight on lunch box (Bipul, hope you enjoyed those 259 sit ups punishment with me by Mrs. Roohi, I bet I've again sent you back into that trauma. Why the hell should only I suffer) or even if we now don’t play badminton at 5 in the morning (yes, Akshit It was one helluva thing that we Three enjoyed, Me, Varun and Bipul. Now go and envy us. Huhuhaha!!), but we still miss each other. Being in different part of India might have increased the distance between us but also had strengthened the Bond that we all share.
I might make hundreds of friends but you all are the best out of them
Yes Akshit I do remember your these words, constantly echoing in my head and seriously irritating me now. Get them out of my thoughts that is my solitude space.

I wish one day we can again sit down at a food stall instead of CafĂ© Coffee Day and sum up our old gold school days (please don’t cry on my blog, drop that salty fluid on your profile), I wish to see 1920 with them again (hope Fun Cinema allows us to interrupt the ongoing movie and play 1920 instead this time we'll mold it in a RomCom), I wish to play badminton this time with you too Akshit (trust me, I won’t go easy on you boy. I trained Saina Nehwal, go and ask her), at last I wish to go to school with them forever and always….


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