Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Loving a Relation

Yeah here I go again. This particular blog post is dedicated to a field of discussion which requires a lot of patience perhaps hell lot of presence of mind. You might be giving wild shots on what I am going to write but the truth is the label and the title to this post clear’s most of the mist, you can’t fool me, I’m a Blogger. Relationships. Most of you might now read this post much carefully than the regular type but I’m sorry to disappoint you this is the best topic which sucks for me, leaving me impotent. Yes, I have a tremendous ability to score double zero's in this field of life, perhaps I’ll top any examination titled How well you don’t understand a Girl or somewhat similar to this. Though I’ve never been into any but yes it does fascinates me a lot; this gives me a reason to write upon it.
Like every normal Boy I too flunk numerous times while understanding their complexity. At times, end up misunderstanding them and most of the times leaving them misunderstood about me. Needless to say I’m a curiosity driven homosapien, of course I want to know what is in their mind when it comes to commitments? 
There are stigmas attached with this commitment.

- You tend to screw yourself.
- Your friends feel you’re moving away from them. Betrayal.
- Your happiness appears to be superficial to most of your friends.
- Your best friend develops an impression of Swine for your partner, since you are bound with time limitations.
- Last, yes the least – Your over enthusiastic inclination(Read it over-joyfulness) towards life because of your partner gives your parents Goosebumps— Your parents starts believing that their sweetheart is on Drugs and living on Alcohol. What else could be the possible reason for your sudden ecstasy?
Yes parents do eliminate the most vital element of happiness of their Boy’s life, his new found Girlfriend (which he obviously boast about) and Girl’s life, her new found Love (which she obviously never boast about)
I never had any personal encounter with Relationship but a friend in need is a friend in deed, my best friend (unfortunately committed) taught me. How modest of him. Thank you my best friend.
I am not trying to defame any of the sex but trying to understand the fairer one from the perspective of boys (and it’s so hard).
What life had taught me over past 2 years is— never try to rush into a Relationship until you’re sure. Boys strive hard to get a Girlfriend to grow their social status. I’ve seen people changing their Relationship Status on Facebook in a very peculiar manner

Single —> In a Relationship with XYZ
After 3 days my News Feed displays
Your friend ABC has gone Single from Being In a Relationship

And I thoroughly enjoy such posts by liking them. Can’t help, I love provoking.

It’s never the dark side of a person which is responsible to break a Relationship; it is always the reason behind why you held this Relation for so long. It is believed that people change in Relationships; certainly untrue I know someone who is same as he was. 
Now let me put a full stop to this topic I cannot write more on this abhi toh mei bachcha he hoon!!


  1. hmm...nice! ;))
    but cmon...understanding girls ain't rocket science!!
    they are not that complex-beings u think they are!!!!

  2. Boys baffles when it comes to girls. :D

  3. yeh kya tha PRATEEK..?? sach me a naive talk on an yet-to-be-dug topic... and so is my comment..:P

  4. Hahaha!! Ye sachhai hai, sachhi. :P


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