Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did HE Make It Happen?

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Circa 2005

It was late winters when a mere 15 year old boy was seriously clinched within the arms of a newly spreading viral disease. Unknown of this disease, it was mistook for a viral and the treatment was also done accordingly. 10 days later when fever seems to be unevenly trending and decreasing his parents in worry. A sudden outburst of nausea made his parents mind to take him to the nearest hospital. The boy kept asking what is going on with him but all his questioned were suppressed with a smile by his mother and were unanswered.

From my hazy memories I can tell it was the day of Diwali or a day before Diwali. Only some wardens and junior doctors were found. They weren't able to decipher, the actual cause of this uncanny behavior shown by the fever over past 10 days. After much of the examination they asked his parents to take the boy to home and come after 2-3 days but his mother wasn't ready to accept the idea and asked to admit him. After much of a conversation a Doctor showed up and started examining the boy. The boy went unconscious and doctor called it a case of emergency. Several blood tests later it was discovered that he wasn’t clinched by any ordinary flu it was Dengue. His parents were unable to gulp the fact that their piece of heart is resting with the most newly and deadly disease of the present time.

A sudden shock wave came when his platelets started dipping. The boy was struggling within his own solitude. He got an internal liver bleeding and was losing everything now. A healthy human being has 1, 50,000 to 4, 00,000 platelets count in his blood but the boy's platelets count dipped to 16000. Doctors called it off. His parents were told to take the boy with them, everything is going in vein. There wasn’t any use of giving him more platelets, already 6 packets were syringed into his body, also the machine use to segregate platelets from blood wasn’t nearby, his father has to travel 30 kilometers in chilly winter’s nights to get there. 

His father was told, “Any further down push to his platelets count will lead the boy to coma.” Stirred father took a deep breath and prayed to the almighty. All hopes were gone and just in time when they were about to check out from the hospital, the boy responded. His last blood report just came in and showed a sudden shoot in platelets count. Ah! A ray of hope

Doctors re-admitted him and started treating the boy again. Reports after reports, his platelets showed increasement and finally he notched 3, 00,000 platelets counts. He survived but was weak. He did not even have enough strength to walk by his own. It took him a year to recover to his full strength. 

This boy still reminds me of the most unrealistic miracle that happened and is known to me.

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  1. hospitals are places of uncountable miracles indeed! a similar thing happened to me wen i was around 6 yrs old..diagnosed with severe typhoid..i was admitted in the hospital's ICU. the docs have given up but i did started getting well , and here i m hale and hearty :)
    u reminded me of those day!
    good luck for the story!


  2. Everyone goes through one or other kind of illness at some point of life. Most people today get good cure and care, but sometime, situations are completely adverse. I was ten years of age, and I spent one month on wheel chair because of a drug-reaction. That one month was hell, I didn't know if I would ever be able to walk again. But then, I'm a good dancer and runner today. Miracles happen. I liked the post...brought back memories. Keep th work going.

  3. Miracles do happen. Have faith in the Good Lord.

    It's amazing what faith can do.

  4. i like it..i like it..THE MEDICO POST...WOW..:D
    btw..u survived a platelet score of 16000..:0 :0..????????
    i have a similar story to tell..someday...:P
    Tum apne status pe new article ki update kyun nahi dete..?? i never get to knw u have written something knew..:(

    PS- total number of platelets is 1,5000 to 400000 'per microlitre' of blood..:P

  5. Nice one..
    I'm so glad that you mentioned platelet count correctly 'coz even my batchmates go wrong with it even now:P:D..
    I liked it where you said "everything was going in vein":D

  6. Sarah I have a story of typhoid too. :P

    Archie Oye I never knew about it. :(

    Tbg Why do they happen on the verge of extinction of hopes?

  7. Anita I would love to hear it. Dukh baantne se he toh kam hota hai :P Yes, the boy survived! And I posted a link to this post but from now I'll update a status on it. And I never thought people would care to know how much platelets 'per microlitre' :D

    Gayatri Your comment implies now I'm a doctor cum engineer. :P Haha everything was going in vein

  8. Excuse me if I sound insensitive but Dengue is very much treat"able". Thanks for sharing this post and I am certain it reminds all of our near-death "medical" encounters of the third world but Dengue isn't exactly a cause of concern any more. Or perhaps I am naive but it is treatable from what I hear. I guess if the platelets count were to drop drastically it may be a real bad case but it the drop in platelets can surely be detected earlier to start the right treatment.
    Good health to all....Lioness

  9. Lioness I think you haven't read the post carefully. The scenario is from late 2005 when Dengue was new to India. Detection of this disease was itself a challenge forget about the treatment. And this post isn't about the cause or concern of the world it's a story that inspires people, this one inspires me.

  10. What a nice story of optimism and faith...


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