Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Dare You!?! You Racist

This incident dictated is written deliberately and is meant to hurt the mindsets of people who think they have evolved with the world, evolved!?! Really?

It was late afternoon at one fine boring day at college. The class was appearing much like a center of boredom, people were busy in killing the boredom, some were busy in dreaming, some were staring at the chalk box with open mouth, some preferred to slip into a noon nap, the rest left were busy in playing Poker. Poker is one game for which half of my class goes sane from insane. Given a chance they could probably bid their own house. Their Walls on Facebook is a living evident that how badly they have been smitten by this P game; lucky me, I am miles away from such pseudo madness. The game was going intense; I would have never known the intensity of the game if Anubhav haven’t murmured it in his mouth.

The long reign of Abhishek as the King of Poker was coming to a halt. Utkarsh was taking a lead and from the facial expression Abhishek didn’t like it. He lost, yes the champion was beaten and a new hero of Poker was born in the class, of course not literally born. Abhishek couldn’t digest the fact so he called another game to claim his title once again with a lewd remark at Utkarsh. Lewd remark!?! Yes, the remark was indeed lewd and it chuckle the great Poker players. The comment passed wasn’t ordinary, it was meant to hurt and was directed to penetrate deep inside Utkarsh’s heart, so it did. The comment was Racist. Utkarsh’s colour was the thing which Abhishek loathed.

Utkarsh smiled for a while. His lips lied but his eyes couldn’t. He wasn’t comfortable in sitting among the Poker players anymore. He left. I tried calling him but he didn’t pick up his phone. His activities were slowly coming down and so was his regularity at college. An astute lad who was cheerful during the daytime was now no more talking and none of the 8 awesome Poker players pay any attention to their king who wassn’t showing up these days. I was concerned about him.

Utkarsh was standing in the garden when I saw him. He was depressed. It took tries, close to infinity to bring him out of the phase of depression. Utkarsh was now full of new energy, vibrant. This time it was something different about him. He straight went to the class and called a game of Poker and again won, he again faced some lewd remarks from Abhishek. Utkarsh left the table but this time he asked Abhishek, “Hey I’m starving. Will you company me to canteen?” Abhishek couldn’t say no and both of them left for canteen. I was worried now.

15 minutes later— 
A text from Utkarsh flashed on my W705 screen which said “Hey come at the parking lot asap.” I hurriedly went to the parking lot. Someone was lying on the ground with paint all around him. Utkarsh was standing across me. The person lying on the ground was barely able to get up. He was beaten up badly. “Abhishek”, I fumbled. Utkarsh smiled. The one lying on the floor was definitely Abhishek with a black painted face and “Racist” was embedded on his forehead. We both literally fell on ground, laughing as hard as we could.

We both took a walk towards class when Utkarsh thanked me for everything. I smiled at him and told me, “Oh I totally forgot to tell you that texted whole class to come at parking lot after you.”

Racism can break someone literally and it often ends with not so appealing end result, moreover people certainly do not have right to call a remark on anyone on their physical appearance. And if they do then they have certainly turned Apes from Humans. 


  1. Racism is a major problem everywhere. But that does not mean beating up people is alright.

    Violence is rarely the solution to anything. It usually leads to more problems.

  2. This is not funny! Violence is not the solution.

  3. It's an interesting read! I loved the ending statement..."turned apes from human"! :)

    Racism is a sensitive issue...which unfortunately still prevails...but using violence as an answer, ain't the thing to do!!

  4. Had I known that he was taking him to beat the hell out of him, I'd have stopped him. Yes, violence isn't the answer and nor is the Racism

  5. what i didn't get is "a racist behavior amongst friends"?????
    i mean anybody, but friends?? and that too so-called educated lot of gen-x??? that's disgusting..

  6. Anita Yes, among so called friends and not so called Edeucated

  7. Anita Yes, among so called friends and not so called Edeucated

  8. being able to read and write does not make one educated...whats the use of it if one is still blinded??

    feeling bad Its definitely agreeable...but the outcome wasn't...probably it may give rise to more distressful situation.

  9. Well, as Purba wrote above, i think this was not fair to be violent.


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