Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shh!! Let Me Nitpick While I Boast

It was his birthday, 11th August, 2008 when he came to the store and looked for me (actually for everyone). I was there right behind him while he was busy in checking out others. He never knew about me until he was told. He saw me, he smiled and enquired about me, “Oh my gosh! He knows everything about me." He was impressed and therefore decided to take me with him. Ah, sheer bliss, new place, a new life begins for me. It was difficult to corporate with him for a while but somehow it happened. Let me first introduce you to myself. I am W705. Today’s mobile phone. You must be wondering, why is this non living metal box here and how in the world did he got the password to access this blog? Answer to the question like these would be  I stole it. Why am I here? My answer  To write a blog post. Since HE is busy with his own issues and the blog's last update was appearing to be centuries ago, literally; therefore I, yes I, W705 took the pain and accumulated my thoughts under the post title Shh!! Let Me Nitpick While I Boast. 

And here is how it goes
We had relished so many texts together until now. Most of the texts received were were dumb and sent were dumbest, dumbest enough to baffle anyone and screw the minds of the people searching the sense in his text. At times he make me go mad, I thereby automatically switch off to show my anger, I still remember when he irked me to the height of insanity. It happened when he sent a text to one of his contact 

Him  Come down I am here................
"Contact rushes out of his house to greet his long known friend when he receives another text. (Expected!)"
Him - Come down I am here in front of my college, will reach in an hour at your place within an hour or so. Hahaha!!!


English dictionary does not define any word/group word which could possibly describe the reply of contact, in a less vulgar manner. I was automatically got switched off, can you believe this. From the second day of the date of purchase this jerk altered my taste of photography. I love encasing the moments forever, instead of clicking a beautiful landscape or a reflection of  personified life or even an abstract, the moron found his television remote, ceiling fan and computer mouse much fascinating, how sick is this. 943 out 949 images were the intolerable, most of them were taken while riding bike, blurred. But out of which what makes me curse him the most are his college mates, they ask him for me just before an hour to go for their internal examination and start's taking photographs of random pages of their text book; and later those (awesome quality) photographs are used as their source of information during the examination. They also have an alternative if in any case they jeopardize with 20 to 50 images; they call it Google in Opera Mini. One notes down from my display (LCD) and rest copies from the soul who deliberately printed exact word-to-word definition from Wikipedia of the question What do you mean by X-rays? (2 marks). It was the day when they came to know what does X actually meant in X-ray, it wasn't what they usually decode X for.

If in any case you are thinking, all loathe is because I'm bored with this living specie then let me correct you; NO, I am not. Perhaps I enjoy everything he does (envy me Nokia), I am living the best life that a (super awesomely sexy, See the picture below to believe. Stop irking Motorola) mobile phone can live. I am glad of not being under the palm of businessmen, they really turns me off, all they do is Stock Exchange, come on there is a life beyond share markets and your Rs 100,000 virtual loss (my condolences are with Blackberry). I am thankful for not being governed by 9AM-5PM servicemen who only knows Green button is to pick the call and Red to disconnect. I am also thankful of not being in the hands of Niira Radia who is in the constant habit of bragging, in the hands of Barkha Dutt who is surprisingly a non-stop SMS'ing junkie, "You don't know MY power. I am Barkha Dutt." or even A. Raja who would give a damn on my 3G'ness. Calculator would be the most appropriate function for him. Gosh! The digits he input for the summation are off the charts, why don’t the mathematics scholars defines that digit with a new constant? If there can be π = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510...then why can't there be a new constant value for A. Raja's scam? 

Darn, he is here now. Who? My owner. Duh! It was fun here, now I'll play with his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hope he use the same password (okay, now seriously see my picture below. Don't I look adorable). So long and shh! Don’t you dare to tell him, I was here....


  1. Dear ,
    THat is a very nice post.
    There are few grammatical mistakes,
    you correct them it will be closer to impeccable:).

    Coming to Editor's choice, you will have to
    wait till we announce the next Editor's choice.

    Keep waiting and keep blogging.
    keep the blogger in you alive.

    Yours Bloggingly,

    Team Blogjunta

  2. Thank you BlogJunta. Since the blog had to be updated at the earliest, so I couldn't edit the remaining errors. Will make the corrections.
    Thank you.


  3. Your mobile wrote this post for you??? What an idea :))

  4. Yes, he stole my password and tried making my blog HIS. Grr....:))

  5. dude, very innovatv style of writing..can be used as an advrtisin act as well...hats off

  6. Thanks Vineet. Btw they need to purchase the copyrights from me first.

  7. @prats:lol dude,hehehe, screw dere asses wen they come

  8. awesome prateek..i mean w705...


  9. Pankaj C Thanks. Would like to see you around here.
    Vineet Sure
    Aman err.. K530i Thank you!

  10. Hey W705, now that you have introduced yourself, do write more about your owner. That would be interesting!

  11. DISGRUNTLED GENIUS Thanks. Would love to see you around here.

    Giribala Ma'am He has impressed me. Now I will willingly allow him to post another post on me soon. :)

  12. I loved the last paragraph..very creative..nice!

    My nokia 'E' series is holding a tiny grudge on you W705:P

  13. Gayatri W705 says,"You cannot get famous without making some enemies. Being envy is a part of it.

  14. Hey Prateek !

    Glad to be here!

    u have lots of hidden writing talent in you!

    such an out of the box thinking!! great!

    congrats for the editor's choice!!



  15. Restless Glad to have you back again. Yes, this post was literally out of box and the writer too W705

    Take care.

  16. What an idea Prateek...Innovative.


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