Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Is That Eve-Teasing?

From my hazy memory I could sum up, it was the starting of 3rd semester when I with one of my friend went to Nai Sadak to buy some of our course books. Those who don’t know, Nai Sadak is well known and famous place in Delhi, you can find all course books over there. While returning back to Chandni Chowk Metro Station we took a short cut. The short cut was quite remote which we realized later.

We took a right turn and 5-6 meters ahead of us was walking a girl, constantly being followed by 2 local boys who were passing lewd remarks on her and were relishing it. Unaware of us they were time to time making their comment steep on the chart of lewdness. She was holding a poly-bag in her right hand and a bag was on her shoulder, seems she too was there to shop for books.

While walking by something shot into my solitude. "This is eve-teasing, right?" I questioned myself. I've read about it but never faced any situation quite like this. "How should I stop it?" was the next question. I told it to my friend, he too was concern. We cannot fight them like this. We needed to figure out something diplomatic urgently. And that was the time when an idea struck into my mind. We hurriedly went to the girl passing by the boys and started walking by her sides. At first she didn’t notice, perhaps because she was busy in figuring out how to get out of the mess she was in. Soon she noticed the halt in lewd remarks and two fellows walking along her sides and joking on their school life. The boys following her were still following us. I think it was instincts more than understanding that the girl realized, we were there just to help.

I passed a smile to her and she returned it back. Within no time we reached Metro Station. Not saying much she thanked us for our help. We parted our ways. She went off to catch a bus while I along with my friend took the Metro.

This was the first time I ever took such a step and perhaps the first time I ever saw eve-teasing and dared to intervene before it could turn ugly.

India is a country of Freedom but Freedom is at times taken in a sense of “Free-To-Do-Anything”.

This post was first published on "Stop Street Harassment 
Non confrontational intervention to stop eve-teasing in Delhi 


  1. I love it. I've been eve teased a lot. But no one has eva come to my rescue. I've even been harrased. I'm just able to ignore it. I cant do anything cuz either m alone or da situation doesnt allow me too. But after reading this I believe i can surely thrash em badly.

  2. Great quick thinking!! wish many men would think and act like u guys,to help the girls in distress!!

  3. That was indeed quick thinking and quite a boon for the girl concerned.

  4. Hats off to you..may your tribe increase.

  5. Eve teasing is really bad phenomenon

  6. Almost every girl has experienced Eve Teasing. Its really evil

  7. That was really nice of you! We need more educated men on the streets to eradicate this evil. :-)

  8. Deepti Give them the bash!

    Sparkling Star Thank you.

    Shail She was so relieved, yet she was trembling.

    Alka I too wish Ma'am.

    Talha Yess,,,Talha, and it need to be stop

    Asma I know this is hideous.

    Purba Thank you Ma'am but I'll say credit also goes to one of my friend whose name has not been mentioned. I planned to steal all the limelight. :P

    Giribala Ma'am but the problem is people who calls themselves "educated" are also often involved in these infamous acts.

  9. Dude, if only I could send you a life-sized bar of chocolate for this act of bravery. You are a real man!
    Thank you for doing such a thing.

  10. Thankee Sammy!! It was necessary. I am seriously against such acts.

  11. hmm very nicely expressed prateek :)

  12. Kudos to you Prateek! Very proud of you!

    If all the boys have the presence of mind and the courage like you, then, we girls are safe :)

    You showed courage with smartness, and didn't just fight with the guys, which could have made the situation ugly.

    well done!


  13. Interesting read. Good ploy adopted by u.

  14. Restless Thank you. :)

    Jagdish Bal Glad you read it but this is a true incident not a ploy.

  15. Well Written!
    Keep it up!
    May your tribe increase.

  16. Prateek

    I am proud of you. Next time, when you confront them, if there is a next time:) in some way make it clear to the eve teasers, that yes I do care for others. And that is my business as a citizen of my country.

    keep on writing

  17. Agent Mulder and Prasanna Thanks a lot.

  18. Kudos dear.... I just happened to bounce on your post, just coz I have used this same image in one of my post too. But on further reading, I feel really proud of you. I have been eve-teased a lot. A lot means a lot! Many a times, I tried to retaliate, but the heavy fact is that, none, not even a woman among the onlookers will give a supporting word. Most often I had to leave the scene, dejected. And this same thing happens when I tried to save some other girls too. How come this foreign diplomatic attitude, launches on the head of Indians, only at such moments.

  19. I just pickup a stone from the roadside and threaten them. I cannot tolerate people passing raunchy remarks at me. By the way, good that you helped the girl. She might have been really thankful.

  20. Very well done, and intelligently too!


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