Friday, March 18, 2011

A Date

My collection was vast
It was a call; last night when I ran into my store room, I didn't want my parents in adjacent room to pry out their sweetheart is talking late night with Someone. A messy and dusty room with a sweet mushy fragrance, that reminded me of something. I got too busy with my call that I almost forgot the fragrance. An hour long call ended. I was tired. Just before I was about to step out of the store room; that majestic fragrance again took over my sensitive nose and I sneezed mildly, mild enough to kill the sound in the room itself.

I looked around – a poster, an old calendar, dusty boxes with useless items were seen lying. But in the corner of the shelf I saw a pink colour box, big and heavy enough to bring me down to sweat. I was eager to see what was encased in it so carefully.

The pink colour box tightly taped. I somehow managed to rip the tape. A familiar “gun” appeared, "Mouser". Yes, I remember this gun. I shot my younger brother with this once. Later he told Mom and rest I don’t wish to discuss here. It was my toy box. Once Four sacks of toys were now somehow got reduced and now they occupy just a mere box. I rolled the box and all my toys were on the floor. Touching each of them was a sheer bliss, brought back everything which was shut in my solitude. Each toy opened a new storyline attached to it. By now I had started dabbling into a room of memories which was remote for quite some time.

– My remote control BMW; ah! I can recall how I got this red machine. I cried lying in my house’s veranda; asking Dad to get me one remote control car.
– A set of drums (call it Dholak) which Dad brought for me from Ahemdabad. Later he regrets giving it to me. I use to thwack it every hour. Back then my hours used to start from 4 AM.
– A birthday present wrapped in silver colour fancy paper which I put it in fridge considering it as another Laddo/Barfi box. Later a piano was recovered from that Mithai-Type packing box.
– My “Hotwheels” track set. Let the peculiar story behind it be a secret.
– Old paintings which made me laugh hysterically but surely not much as M.F Hussain’s.
– Old green colour binoculars; spin tops aka LattuKanchey, dummy mobile phone, Poke’mon tazzos, WWE trump cards, T.V Video Game and the list goes endless. All the outdoors games I played were screening across my gallery, each cricket match in which my brother refused to give my batting were rambling into my brain (I still want my batting, no I haven't forgotten).

By the time I could reconnect to the Earth it was already 3 in the morning. I again went to sleep but later that day I decided to put it as a post and here it is. I am sure everyone has their own chronicles which they cherish time to time.

P.S Don’t you dare to argue on the number of toys you had. I had enough to make my own world of them.

P.P.S I know I made you nostalgic. Thank me! 


  1. Love ur PS and PSS caveats.....
    Hmmm....remote cars and eye popping dolls...Bachpan ke woh din...

  2. I knew people will love it. Thankee!!

  3. @prateek : indeed reminded me of my childhood :)

  4. nice one, liked it. yes, u made me nostalgic :)

  5. Thanks I again refer to my PPS here. :D

  6. Great that its all kept safe somewhere. Your kids might to like to pick some of them in the future ;)


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