Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diagnose Holi

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Holi is the festival of colours.” We all have been taught this phase ever since we were little lollipop sucking cuties but as the time passed by this festival of colour also changed its meaning in Delhi. Now not much people show their inclination towards this festival much here, fortunately I too contribute in the majority. I don’t like getting out of my house. Yes, you heard it so correct – I restrain myself into my room. But this doesn’t mean I don’t like this joyful festival. I like it as much as people in Mathura do but the meaning behind this festive mood in Delhi has got a new face all together over past couple of years.

With the change of ode in understanding, a peculiar trend of celebrating Holi was born and is nourishing now at its full swing; I call it “Tacky Holi”. Celebrating Holi in some parts of Delhi baffles me. People either out of their sheer boring life or no-wife life makes this festival a festival of cries.
If you’re wondering what the heck, am I trying to testify or how does this anyhow relates my No-No for holi then let me enlighten you—

I have been closely tracking Holi from past two years; each year manifests my belief into a rigid concrete surface. Recently, Holi news that is making a stir is “Man threw Acid on Girl from his Pichkari”. Such headlines make me wonder, what the girl did. She was just walking by. People over-drink and pick up fights against any random pedestrian. This turns ugly when both of them abuse at the pinnacle of their heavy-broken-machine-alike-voices. It does not feels nice when family is near and loud abuses you have to bear, neither I can enjoy the street drama nor can I curse them. Eventually police embarks and cuts the roadside entertainment but this entertainment also leaves a question behind, what if you were a part of this street drama. Holi gives liability to touch and throw colours and balloons and this makes worse for girls. Street and sexual harassment are off the charts on this day of year.

My eyes are sensitive towards any external agent entering them. Before someone puts Gulal on my face, I first retaliate and ask what is in it? Before I could get my answer; their so called pure Gulal fills up each corner of my face. I end up cursing them soon my eyes starts showing reddishness in them.

People to prove they are the toughest "Holi Player" around, carries grease with them. I remember, once not-so-pretty-faced boy (call him disgrace to ape's face) poured grease on my face, it excruciated my eyes. People with sensitive eyes can even turn blind with such heinous acts. “Think before you act” is the most appropriate verse for them.

Gang of bikers with vibrant faces drives unlike humans and calls dibs on the roads. It is apparent that they have an itch to preen their awesome driving techniques. Ignoring who is on the road they perform their stunts. 
The most enjoyable moment comes when one of them slips off the bike while doing such perturbing activity.

People who are drunk, gets lost in their own heaven to such a extent that they cannot even differentiate between humans and non humans. I saw a man mumbling into his own solitude turned brown dog into green alien. Yes the act was enjoyed by the crowd and most importantly, by the dog himself. 
| I suppose Holi will never be the same as it used to be a decade ago.


  1. well written but den play it wid d peopl u knw ..n do smthng to supress these acts n may b dat effort would b able 2 make some differenc

  2. U r right, Holi is more of hooliganism today...one occasion for sexual harassment and vengeance.
    You have raised very valid issues relating to Holi. Its worse in UP and Bihar.The hooliganism continues for the entire week.

  3. U r quite right...festivals r supposed to promote peace and happiness but now a day whether it be new years eve or Holi people just over do things a bit too much and that too harming the fellow people...which is ridiculous!


  4. LOL how come the dog enjoyed turning into a green alien? :P
    Also I severely despise Holi so this post of yours has taken my respect level for you several notches higher. People take advantage of this holi situation and molest women all over the country. Holi should be done away with! Hmpf.

  5. I don't like getting colored either. Those who enjoy should have fun among their friends :-)

  6. Never liked holi.... everytime I play holi, I suffer from something in the following weeks! Yeah, u guessed it right, am even suffering now! :P

    And as per your post, lots of festivals which used to be a part of the indian culture have just turned into bizarre drinking celebrations!

  7. Nidhi Please read the blue coloured text. A link is attached to it. Maybe it can answer your question on suppressing such acts. :)

    Alka Ma'am I have never experienced that kind of holi but yes, I've heard- The word "Pathetic" is not enough to describe the kind of hooliganism there is today. All hail to Behen Mayawati ji

    subtlescribbler Somehow "New Year" in you comment reminded me of people boozing without a stop. :P

    Sammy Dog loves when someone scrubs them, irrespective of what scrubbing material is used to scrub them. Thanks for the notches and BTW you have a Chocolate Fudge due on me. :P

    Giribala Ma'am, I wish to celebrate like this but it is impossible to walk down on road.

    Istupify I second you. :P

  8. holi does anyone now a days knows the meaning of Holi.

  9. nice post...these stupid incidences by the loosers are really a shame ... i have played holi every year with my friends and family...fortunately we never faced anything like that...so the holi is still fun for me...and if ppl like you do not play holi then then it will only be those loosers who will be on the street...

  10. so very right.. holi does sort of give the right to touch up a women and quiet a few youngsters play it for that only ..

    I am glad i am in UK here no one knew it was holi even .. and neither did i till i read.

    Holi i guess was fun when i was back home with friends and family and when people were more appreciative if you said no.



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