Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mom in Friends List. Eh!

Is that a Boy with her?

Why shouldn't you be friend with your parents on Social Networking? —

I take a great honor to write this post for the sake of “us” (I wrote us in “ ” because it somehow correlates “us”). This isn't a stereotype. Making parents friends on Social Network (not the film silly) is something which majority of teens (and some above the teens) do not prefer. After all you would not like your profile to be a subject of daily prying by your parents. They will everyday go by your profile to figure out the changed behavior of their darlings. Perhaps social network (let’s call it”Facebook”) empowers the parents to deeply examine “what’s on their mind?” (here their = Son's/Daughter's) This may sound strange but a “Status Update” is enough to turn their suspect into a firm belief.

Parents are always curious to know the insight of their modern 21st century child; perhaps that is why they ask "us" to open up in front of them; but who know “our open up may shut them down”. A finite distance is something which is ought to be maintained.

On what basis am I shouting? —

Last night mother read your wall post and very next day when you wake up your she scolds you, “you will not go anywhere except college, got it?” Darn, since mom is in the friend list; she can read my wall posts.

According to a clinical psychiatrist- it is observed that children with a communication gap or who speaks less are more prone of being pried than those who are regularly in touch with their parents. The fast pace life builds a gap which gives birth of suspicions. Wow! At least I’m safe. Parents to cope with their modern child's new parameter are trying to notch the set parameter too. A working woman (name censored) from Delhi was learning how to access internet since her child found a new dimension far beyond her reach of prying. The frustration came when she couldn't enter his son’s locked Facebook account; she hired a tutor to teach her hacking. Something similar goes with the boy whose parents were in his friend list and keeps on interrogating their son’s “it is complicated” relationship status. Apart from this cyber networking world there are plenty (call it variety) of parents who are keeping a close watch on their ward's activities. Installing spying software’s in ward’s PC, keeping a close tab on him and his friend’s activities, using gadgets to locate him/her are a part of stalking (sorry, couldn’t think of anything else)


| If your parents are on your list; do not panic, just use facebook wall settings.


  1. LOL I'm kinda glad that my mom isn't on Facebook. Although given the kinda clean person I'm, I've nothing much to worry about. :P but well in social networking sites you do need some privacy. Especially from your parents.

  2. heheee....
    so true it is..n rite ..i will also not prefer my parents on any social n/w site to be friends with makes the things complicated

  3. Interesting thoughtful points made with the humor that is intended in the post.

    They (parents) ask "us" to open up in front of them; but who know “our open up may shut them down”

    " The fast pace life builds a gap which gives birth of suspicions"
    loved these lines...

  4. He he he YEs sir ji Got the point and duly noted .. Thankfully My mum is not very good at computer I doub if she has everput her fingers on a keyboard :)

    so I am saved :)


  5. I was very proud that my son is on my friends list until I realised that he is using privacy is mutual trust here though... I never ever write on his wall or check his statuses. His posts are hidden....
    Though the urge to check his relationship status is often unbearable. Even when I unintentionally tumble on his secrets the trick is to control emotions and pretend as if I do not know.

  6. So Prateek your mom knows a lot more about you than than she actually shows.

  7. Forget abt parents, i fret even with some of my uncles n aunts on FB :s its not that i m posting anything wrong but then u never know how ppl interpret it and then there r some in ur family who have this habit of making a mountain out of a grain and it can SERIOUSLY land one in trouble! so 'more FAR..more good' :P


  8. Both my mom and dad are on my FB list. They rarely question me about anything. Maybe because they kinda know me and what's happening in my life. I don't give them a chance to question. Just being honest at times helps. Nice post there.

  9. My parents don't annoy me by stalking me or keeping a track of my online activities and I'm blessed to have such parents. Really! :)

  10. Sammy Yes, shall we put ourselves on hunger strike and demand for No Parent In List.

    Nidhi I know. It's always complicated to explain them "What's Complicated?"

    Animesh Thanks. Glad you like it.

    Bikram Sir Sire I think you should send your mother to Computers class. :P

    Alka Ma'am LOL Your son will establish himself as an awesome engineer. :P
    "My mom knows me more than she shows"——Okay now I am a bit scared now. I must keep a tab on my activities and on mom. :P

    Sarah The only thing I can provide you is Sympathy. LOL

    UB and Nethra Wow! You have got one awesome/cool parents.

  11. ha ha yep i have done that for my father-in-law and a couple of relatives who r there on is annoying to be scrutinized on the basis of what u write on your profile. Thankfully my parents r not on facebook.

  12. thats so cool to have mommy on your list..i would have loved to have my mom on FB..but mommy just knows to read an SMS, she cant reply to one, so i guess FBing is a far cry for her now :)

  13. Kind of scary the incidents you have mentioned..some parents do get a bit over the top in a bid to protect their children from the harsh harsh world out there :P
    It's all done with a good intention and sometimes it is helpful specially in the case of underage kids who are in FB...cyber bullying or stalking etc can be prevented if parents keep a watch.But then why allow kids to be in social sites?
    And after an age, it becomes irritating to have your parents looking over your shoulders each time.One of my friend's Dad still checks her mobile inbox!

  14. I would not mind my parents on my friend list...but my parents don't have internet yet :-/
    Btw, who is wondering about who in the picture? Is that the Mom or the Son behind the desk?

  15. lol...i just wish your parents donot read your blog :P....

  16. Ria LOL. Your father in-law. Take a deep breath and give a thought what if your mother in-law was on your list; she'd be writing on your wall.

    Sulagna Lucky you. A techie mother is always a threat to your networking.

    Rinaya Over-protection vexes. Privacy must be given to self understand the things.

    Giribala Ma'am I too don't mind them being in my list but will hate it if they pry. LOL It is a mother behind the desk watching over her daughter.

    Tanya Glad you like it.

    Aman You are a true friend, but I wish your parents to read your blog. :D

  17. Prateek!! Must say I'm impressed the way u express!! I was laughing readin the comments... especially of Alka!!

    I know I had to write this but got extremely late!!! a lot of things happened in between, will share it in a post... hopefully!!

    Your blog is going places with more and more people reading it :)



  18. Leave parents, cannot befriend ur siblings too..dont want to them to see the adventures we are through and neither want to see theirs:)

  19. Err my daughter is in my friends list and I have never checked her wall or even her friend's list.

  20. Restless Been a long time. Thanks. Glad you think my blog is progressing. Now I have more things to boast.

    Perception Brothers are cool. I have so many of them in my list.

    Purba Ma'am That makes you an ideal mother. Please do read Alka Ma'am's comment.

  21. I would like to extend this point to colleagues/Bosses as well. It is not a good idea to add them into FB (though we often do in a flight of camaraderie). At least parents would never do the harm these people could. ;)

  22. LOOL! loved this post :D :D but i personally don't put out all that much on facebook anyway so it's cool that i have my family on there. i don't know. i've never really seen the point of living a "double life." for the most part, i try to be as honest as i can with my family. i mean, they are family after all. but of course there will always be some things you can never really air out in the open.

  23. Parents should know where not to follow :)

    I have family, inlaws on FB, but my posts are mostly my profession-related, so it's cool. And then there are the FB lists, so it is not all bad.


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