Friday, April 01, 2011

The History of "Nothing is Permanent"

This is the story of Epicness. An answer to the question "who is the father of nation the phase Nothing is Permanent". Last night I saw a dream which indirectly gave me the answer to my long searched question to which even Google said "don't you have anything else to search. Duh!". In my dreams Saltasaurus (my "last night dream" pet) gave me a trip to his city. His father Saltasaurus Sr. was a literature/philosophy scholar. Oh! Did I mention, his father framed this simple quote with complexity more than iota. Meanwhile, I was studying his thesis, Saltasaurus's mother cooked Masala Dosa for us; delicious it was. His sister works at a MNC. 

But, going by today I sincerely believe that Fevikwick and M-seal are pretty much "permanent". At least the ape’s descendent's were able to outclass dinosaur’s sayings up to certain extent. No, I won't lay the lame M-seal's dying-father-puts-extra-zero ad here. But will advocate the believes of our great dinosaurs, (who fortunately weren't our ancestors) how their sayings is now literally into practice everywhere.

Do you know why don't we see dinosaurs these days? No, silly they aren't invisible, try thinking harder. Put some pressure on your mind. I know it is hard; your knees just turned red. Let me tell youdinosaurs knew that humans would be the sole reason for their extinction hence they worshiped "Meteorite God" (since it was the only God known by then) for so many years and when he/she (see I avoid being a Sexist) was like totally impressed, a golden colour light emerged and a shadowed figure asked the dinosaurs in their native language "息子に感動してしまいます。ウィッシュリスト何よりも不死" (English translation — "I am impressed son. Wish anything else than immortality" | They, the dinosaurs chose to speak Japanese since Hindi comprises of complicated मात्रा). The dinosaurs asked "The Meteorite God" to shower his/her (I don't want to sound Sexist anymore, spare me!!) to shower his/her (ditto same as above) blessings on them. But the funny thing was; blessing which was supposed to be an abstract came to them as materialistic. A meteorite shower wiped out their entire race. Today, dinosaurs are succeeded by blonde's. They vanished from the face of the Earth but They still lives in our heart with their testified "Nothing is Permanent" quote. They weren't credited for their utmost true work and sacrifice for the mankind. They are only remembered for their long bones and big eyes but now when the biggest secret has been reveled by Me, I wish Saltasaurus and his fellow likes wondering soul may Rest in Peace and bless me with   

Application of The Quote

Life is funny, not because it makes us pee in our "respective" dippers but it makes us follow the ancient dinosaur saying. The word trustworthy has slowly diminished from our dictionary though you can find it in Oxford (meaning may sound awkward). Time has changed; definitions to words have altogether got a new meaning, forcefully; not betraying gives you a bumpy feeling now. Even the relations aren’t permanent (SEE, didn't I tell ya!). They just die with the passage of time; some die slowly and some....lets say are murdered. There are relations beside blood, isn’t it? Perhaps the paradox is, dinosaurs predictions are unconditionally true like Love. Sadly M-seal and Fevikwick never works on something which is abstract.

Yet again the theory of “Nothing is Permanent” prevails.

Any Koschens?!? 


  1. This post should be named 'An ode to Randomness'. :P thanks for the laughs!

  2. LOL. So the dinosaur God was a blonde to not understand the real meaning? or was it just his/her (see even I ain't a sexist!) plan to wipe out the dumb giant lizards with a pea sized brain, who thought more from their stomachs?

    Nice little realization wrapped up in humour.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Man that was one crazy post.. but kept me entertained all the way \m/

  4. Sammy I wanted to post straight and it turned out to be random. Sigh

    SUB Thanks.

    Blasphemous Aesthete You're the only one who deciphered it so correctly.

    QuakeBoy See, craziness is also a virtue of me.

  5. Something to learn with humor! :)

    Hmm...sometimes the adhesives never help!

    Well, how was the masala dosa :P


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