Monday, April 04, 2011

That Night

The Night
Last night she sighted her; Emily. She plays with Emily every second night; after all Emily was her elder sister. Things to 6 year old Lisa always seems clear – her sister plays with her at night but when she’s up from sleep, she’s gone.

There is Something

She told her Mum how much she uses to have fun at nights with Emily. Her mother was stunned but drops the idea calling it Lisa’s imagination. She discussed it with her husband and had a good laugh but certainly at some place in her mind something was rambling.

But How?

She heard Lisa with someone; she went to see Lisa. What she saw made her numb. Shivers of fear went through her spine froze her legs, paused her heart and suppressed her voice.
It was her; Emily. Rachel’s elder daughter who died 3 months ago in a car accident.


  1. Oh that freaked me out .. But then I do feel there is something out there which we cant reason or say about

    But something is there ..
    loevly 55 er's


  2. is it real??
    does it happens in reality??

  3. i somehow knew it would end that way! and however fishy or fictional it may sound, its well attached to reality too..i've heard such stories...good attempt :)


  4. spookyyyyy...very well written....

  5. Somethings need to be taken care of even if the mortal skin is shed.
    What can I say, I can only imagine the naivete of the Little girl and the shock of her Mother.

    Nice post.
    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. OH!!! There was something!

    Somethings are only believed when witnessed!

  7. Eerie fiction....precise yet complete.

  8. Well written Prateek! Sent shivers down my spine too!

  9. Thanks everyone.

    Nikita Hard to tell. :P

  10. thats scary and within 55 words, it makes for a great story.


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