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The 6 PM Slot

About the Author 

Author of Indian origin, Naomi Datta daydreams about the perfect bollywood Rom-Com that she will make one day, plays badminton, and updates her facebook status on the hour. That’s when she’s gainfully occupied. She is otherwise a television producer, presenter and film writer. She counts Times Now, CNBC TV 18 and MTV among her employers in a decade long television carrier. She currently freelances and believes she is the best boss she had ever had. Naomi is based in Mumbai and this is her debut novel.


The 6 PM Slot by Naomi Datta
Welcome to the world of television, where nothing is ever what it appears.

It is refreshing read with a peculiar plot; back office. YTV—Youth TV, as the name suggests a youth channel is dipping with its TRP among the audience. Book opens with a boss wants to see the numbers and graphs on PPT and that too soon. Tanya is the central character; protagonist of the story.

Rahul, plans to defy the laws of show time and decides to launch a love talk show in the 6 PM Slot. His deputy, a swine man Harish questions his idea but then readily agrees. Tanya who was struggling with her carrier at YTV and was responsible for the show on celebrities pet (apparently obsessed) was given this new project of her life time.

Channel ropes Vrushali, a sexy lady who has to host the love show called Dayson X30 Love Calls—Are you hot enough? for their new 6 PM Slot. Indian men wants to see a sexy girl draped in skimpy outfit and talking next to dirty, it’s pretty much close to what Harish wants in 6 PM Slot by Vrushali but his idea was given a lead down by Tanya and presented to Rahul minus the lewdness Harish sprayed. Yes, Harish is one desperado of its own kind. Than begins the ordeal; Vrushali catches Chicken Pox. Everything starts tangling itself before it could even get started.

Aditya is another chap who sits 2 cabins away from Tanya and is there to light her mood. Playful jokes and discussion of strategy to lighten the burden from Tanya’s shoulder gives a hint what Aditya feels in a subtle manner, something similar goes for Rahul.

Language used is simple. Beware of swear words in native language. Book is filled with both subtle and surprising humour. But the book loses its grip while approaching to the middle section but quickly regains it with much more pace than it did in the beginning.

To conclude 6 PM Slot is a corporate read. Giving an idea on how the office works and how they have to strive to complete their target. It proves to be a good read with all the ingredients that a reader looks for, not the Harish's type.

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  1. Ahhh..i want to get hold of it!!
    A good read it looks like!

  2. hmmm... worth reading I guess :) will definitely give it a try :)

  3. Hmm...sounds interesting. But not my kind of read, perhaps!

  4. ur review is definitely interesting but the book is not something i wud look forward to!


  5. It's not my kind too. I don't like too many workplace mind games kind'a stories.

  6. Television and hotel are two places where a lot can happen...Media of course is the happening place today.Work place stories can be interesting ...Almost Single was about hotel industry and now a movie is being made on it.

  7. I was looking for a blog with book reviews ...I found yours and em following it now, credit goes to the way you have reviewed the above book so beautifully:-)

  8. read a few people write about this book .. adn all have something nice to say about the book ..

    great review ...


  9. Thanks to all.

    Mishi Thanks a lot but this is the first book review I've done. Blog is centered around my musings, though!

  10. Looks interesting. And did I read there's good humour? I'll get it sometime. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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