Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gender Blender

Ghulam Nabi Azad. What a gutsy man, no? After Supreme Court rendered its final judgment Ghulam Nabi Azad became sentimental. Damning the Act 377 aside he delivered his own dyslectic point. Ghulam Nabi Azad; I know most of you might have not ever heard his name before this. No, no nothing to be ashamed of, it is natural not to remember any cabinet minister except quite a few.

Something which happens often is called a miracle and Ghulam Nabi sahab made it happen. His comment on homosexuality created an echoing unanimous opinion. India got united, once again after Baba Ramdev, miracle.

Image Courtney- Satish Acharya  
We definitely cannot blame Nabi sahab for calling homosexuality a disease. Why? Silly; it is because every human cannot comprehend everything, easily. Instead of blatantly ranting our honorable health minister, people should have deciphered “other” vague possibilities hyperlink to his statement. After brilliantly linking MSM (Man having sex with man) to HIV/AIDS awareness a plethora of profuse outrage of opinions on social networking soon after the comment was seen. Considering Nabi sahab’s opinion on homosexuality as an unnatural disease I am freighted the most. Another statement from health minister issuing the symptoms of homosexuality is my concern. Is it communicable viral disease which spreads by touching like most of the people think like AIDS spreads?

Medical fact—a disease never shows up immediately. It follows symptoms.
I believe Ghulam sahab is busy in creating symptoms.
Baba Ramdev with his unparallel experience also called it a yoga curable disease. 

I always wonder; do they deliberately make such a statement? Ask me, I’ll say yes. Humans are always credited as attention seekers and as far my knowledge goes “they” are humans. This is the best phase to yell out such opinionated statements since their pinning voice won’t be heard in future. No it’s not apocalypse but the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – Part 2 and Twilight – Breaking Dawn are set to make cover page headlines for months.

They cannot enroll for Roadies and Splitsvilla, not because their morale doesn’t allow but the show requirement is beyond their reach. Hence idea dropped. Their vast knowledge is incomparable hence they cannot even take part in any quiz contest. Their modesty holds them back from displaying their sheer knowledge. Their plan to appear on television and motivate people to adopt straightness in life will come to a halt if hence being someone who could efficiently on camera is the reason what they are today to spread their message to the world of tomorrow.

Now tell me, is such an outrage justified? SMS your opinions with "Yes", "Of course" or "Hell yes" to India TV


  1. ROFL that's the best justification of other way to gain attention anymore. Or there could be another one justification - Azad is plain nuts. Once he had also asked Indians to watch late night tv instead of having sex, as a measure of population control.

  2. The man who cant make up his mind whether he is Ghulam or Azad!

    Worth reading post! He wanted attention, made the statement, got the attention, then said that his statements wre wrngly interpreted. The man who cant make up his mind whether he is Ghulam or Azad!

    Worth reading post! He wanted attention, made the statement, got the attention, then said that his statements wre wrngly interpreted.

  3. More Rakhi Sawants in making, right? Publicity ke liye saala kuch bhi karage....

  4. Everyone wants a name and some good fame to it. If not by deeds, why not by propaganda.
    Of course the outrage is justified. When we hear things on such loud scales, we soon learn to pass them by without attention. Let them blow horns, they would be less dangerous than rumours.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. well..its human nature, everyone wants to be noticed, need to show his presence....and somehow every time its not so easy to be noticed by good reasons so ultimately they take easy way out by talking loose....n thats what these ppl are doing perhaps.....


  6. Isn't he the same man who said watching late night television is useful in curbing population explosion?

  7. He is health minister and he is providing comic relief so that we stay healthy..Intentions are noble you see..

  8. he he he :)
    our leaders will do anything to be in limelight ..

    Jai ho to all our leaders at least they provide us with funny tit bits to make us laugh

    and laughter is the best medicine :)


  9. sometimes negative popularity also works...majority of people who decides the voting result buys these stuff...these politicians are intelligent enough to know how to play their cards...the shame is not upon them, but the public who elects them...

    great post...


  10. That was hilarious. Our politicians, most of them are duds anyway. Guess there is nothing much that we can do apart from spreading the word through blogs like this. At least people will get to know the foolishness of our lovable politicians this way. BTW I never knew this minister's name until I read this blog :P

  11. you nailed it right on head..
    Descriptions u gave about our venerated Health Minister... I swear if he get to read this only Ramdev knows what he'll do LOL

    Enjoyed reading !!!

  12. Samadrita, Purba Ma'am He's a day guy.

    Red Handed LOL

    Nethra And Mallika too.

    Anshul Your opinion err SMS is in our polls. Thank you fro spending 5 Rs.

  13. Perception, Bikram, Irfan Indeed

    Sub They are our wasted votes.

    Vamsi Now this is a General Knowledge blog too.

    Jyoti Indirectly, I'm a hammer? Eh?

  14. They say such things only to give you fodder to write :-/

  15. ROFL... rightly said..!! our politician are real time nuts... They say any shit and then goes to any extend to prove themselves right.
    However what I hate the most about the whole episode is how the normal people get fooled by such hypocrites... :-/

  16. We all have the desire to be heard

  17. You are expecting too much from a politicians

  18. LoL! It is sad that most of the people who represent us - the general mass or "aam janta" are blessed with such a narrow view point in life. Wonder if any amount of education is ever going to solve these issues and refrain them from make such idiotic statements

  19. Giribala Ma’am But they are the one who genuinely helps in updating blog with all chatpati batein.

    Madhulika True.

    Anita Ma’am He isn’t an aam aadmi (Mango Man), he’s a minister in cabinet.

  20. Magiceye, Poetic Soul, Jagdish Thanks.


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