Thursday, September 08, 2011

Neighbor Stands Tall

Don't worry, we are here.

So you think world is weird place and cannot get weirder? Is that so? Hah! You are absolutely, wrong. See the world with an angle that is not defined on a protractor and you’ll see China (Sarcasm exclusive). World’s most populated country but not densely populated; China is like Rakhi Sawant. Whenever China feels it’ is out of news, it manages to give the world something intriguing to ponder upon. China reminds me of the time when the concept of dating was not appreciated. Someone who was found practicing blatant dating game had to face the furor. For weeks, the agitated mother watches her daughter with narrow eyes; no-no even narrower than their actual gifted narrowness (See the picture above | No racism intended.).

From early 2000, China is invariably famous for its Made in China tags carved beautifully at the bottom or back of any product but now things have changed. With a GDP of 9.5% now China has also gained much of reorganization. New trades have shown up, new job opportunities are waiting for young Chinese to grasp upon. Boyfriends and girlfriend’s seasonal trade is the latest trend in China these days. They just have to pay a small amount to change their relationship status on Facebook from being Single to In a Relationship, and of course to make their parents happy. Pay more get more real relation, that’s the deal.

“Nothing can sustain in this universe without equilibrium” – China knew it, and soon acted upon it. Can’t say it’s over? Let us help you” The isolated internet sphere of China is nowadays seizing with the ads and agents who prejudice themselves as The Breakup Expert. Killing the love has always been the cruelest act. No one wants to be in the middle of river of tears flowing through the mountains of guilt. Now when I see it, agents appear to me as noble soles souls; born to emancipate. Carrying their karma to find a place in heaven and who knows they might get rewarded with 72 virgins just like Osama-bin-Laden. With a price of 400 Yuan for an hour to break the bitter news these agents are hit these days. Had this idea been boon in India, a chain of people would have registered themselves as the agents and more rapidly institutes like FIITJEE would be offering a 2 week condense course in this field with a fee of ` 20,000 per week. Fee would include—tuition fee, book fee and examination fee. If FIITJEE is doing it then how can Brilliant, Narayana and Pie leave themselves behind?


  1. are you kidding me??!!! Pwahahaha///i would love this to happen in India...we are in dire need of employment opportunities!

  2. ha ha......! well mite be helpful for many jobless ppl in our country

  3. did you know in china, to control the population women are forced to aborting their babies? some are tortured to death if they do not agree and their close family members are arrested till they succumb!

    It is true!!

  4. So whats your point? Why the hell are you flaunting your ignorance?
    Dude, seriously, I apologize for being blunt, but if this is satire, then this is one of the worst pieces of satire I have ever read.
    "Sarcasm Exclusive" Really? What the hell does this mean? And do you even know how to write sarcasm? I have been reading your posts for some time and was a bit pissed off by your dissillusioned posts and the equally disillusioned comments. Don't take it personally, but do try to improve your writing. You have been blogging for some time and you are still writing like a noob.
    And if you can't. do anything with your life but never become a writer.

  5. Red Thanks. :)

    Nikhimenon Haha! Indeed.

    Chintan Sad. But it is true.

    Anonymous How can you say that? I am crying here. *Sob-Sob*

  6. Is this dating thing for real?

  7. Jobs are always welcome .. how ever they come .. give some of these people who do nothing all day long to do something :)

    so many jobs institutes .. people teacheing the art .. the nCOACHING institutes .. tuitions .. dekho dekho


  8. Nice...another item added to the list of fucked up things currently in the world.

  9. First, aping the West and now aping the East! Be original dudes!

  10. I had once read something about this on a blog. I don't exactly remember, but it was either Alka or Purba I guess, but I guess that was a long time ago. But they never told the rates, damn.

    Kya hoga is duniya ka, ghor kalyug aa gaya hai, India ke bahar bhi.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. And it is said that every nation tells a story...and d fellow nations like fellow people should learn from it!


  12. a thought-provoking post, though Im not sure I agree with it all:)

  13. To be a stellar break-up agent one needs to be sound proof and water proof.

  14. One thing is sure..
    China is much more cleverer than India !!
    Nice read !!!

  15. wow.. thats amazing. If that comes to India, then we would have fewer relationships having and the ones that are already existing would be for keeps. Money comes as such a huge motivator really.


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