Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Fun Day Out

Though I was about to write and post it the very next next moment I stepped into my room but curse my lethargic and lame body which didn't allowed me turn ON my PC and start typing on MS Word. So I delayed this post. Now, when I am here, let us begin -

It was the of an upcoming wedding which brought us all together after such a long time.

1 PM, Mom announced a visit to mall for shopping. As directed to us (Me, my brother and my Dad), we dressed up as fast as we could and all headed towards the Mall. I always had a strong feeling that going to a Mall with parents isn’t a good idea. This ideal shopping idea turned into a reality when my Mom say so many Couples altogether at the same time. Instead of ignoring she was constantly staring them. Soon she diverted her attention towards me and questioned—
Do you have a Girlfriend? Baffled me. With a flustered state of mind and slippery tongue I answered N….n..n…..noo! Expecting a straight and firm reply from her sweetheart, instead she got a weak answer which confirmed her suspect into a half reality. Every single time she crosses a couple her raised eyebrow scares me. What would be her next question was haunting me all the time.
Soon I started pro-founding on my self created theory of No malls with Parents. I was in a rush to get the heck out of this mess and then I saw it. Something which would probably ease me - A fashion store. 

We entered Pantaloons and soon girlfriend thing became history, now we were busy in ransacking the clothes. We were assisted by an attendant with name “May I help you”. Mom and Dad were quick enough to grab their favorite pieces with a blink of an eye. My brother strolled thousand times between the trial room and the cash counter. Trying every possible outfit to look best. And for me, nothing of my type was there. My endless search ended on light blue jeans. It was dissolved with a sky blue shade which made it even more delicate. I touched it, the soft denim was so smooth I could have literally licked it if “May I help you” wouldn’t have interfere. He broke my dream to buy this super soft attire after he revealed that I am in Ladies Section.

I again began with a new expedition. Pratul was still enjoying the different outfits. I finally found something worth collectively, a pair of Jeans, Tee and a well fitted party wear Shirt. Now everyone was with their chosen attires.

An idea can change your day- 

We thought to go for a movie though it was a trick pulled out by me and my brother. Considering after a span no less than eternity we decided to go for a comedy riot, Golmaal 3. I won’t review the movie here but yes it was actually a fun FAMILY movie. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Though it defies Newton’s laws of motion, perhaps I can bet Newton would go for a suicide after witnessing how badly Rohit Shetty beat the hell out of his laws. Later, dining was more than enough to get four of us as one small yet a happy family. Laughing on the display of a peculiar sense of eating ice cream on our neighbor table (yes it was damn funny!). This most remember-able day came to an end within no time. We were tired, still having fun since Golmal hangover was not yet down. Now my Mom is okay and have no girlfriend agenda (Yes this means I can have a Girlfriend). Mom now understands Us (Me and Pratul) more than she actually does.
I’ll definitely read this post more than you in upcoming future. Why!?! Because there is something more than just memories are playing in each word lay under this header. Maybe because this was the first time I had so much fun. Or maybe because these moments are most valuable and vulnerable to me. And thus it ends.

Love them all…



  1. waah prateek waah... you seem to be at your best when it comes to your mom and bro :D

  2. Yo Anita!!
    Um! Actually it was something done after a long time. So we had a lot of fun. Wish the same happens again. :)

  3. Hey Prateek,

    sorry, cudn't comment or read earlier, as ur blog is not accessible to me most of the times, some problem with my connection. so here I am somewhere else, viewing ur blog!

    dude, it has changed so much, since I last saw it!! great efforts!! keep it up!

    Abt this post, beware han! mom can ask again "do u have a girlfriend?! btw, u have given me some food to write a post!!

    take care!!

    btw, u enjoyed ur blogger meet?! great!

    will visit again!

  4. Glad that you like it.
    Thank you, I think this template worked fine. Last one was not the kind of looks I wanted.
    I would love to eat your food too. :P
    Haha!! From what I could remember it was printed in bold letters May I Help You, I presumed it to be his name. :P
    I actually couldn't make there, I missed the meet this time, maybe next time. :)


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