Saturday, November 20, 2010

We for Vodka

This is an On Demand post. Meant to reflect the bonds of friendship.

I reached home at about 8 P.M. All tired. Struggling not to let unconsciousness to take over my mind but steadily I was slipping into this endless peaceful world.

Mom - So late!?! Seems my child has been working a lot at college.
Me - Hmm...
Mom - So when did you left for home?
Me (weak tone) - Mum I'm tired, I am going to bed.
Mom - Haan?? You haven't taken anything into your stomach. How could you think that I'll possibly let you go to sleep?
Me (ignorance) - I'm dozing off. Wake me at 7 in morning.

What actually happened that morning—

From what I could hazily sum up I was heading towards my college when I got a call from Gaurav (my best pal, I thought so), asking me to disembark from the Metro as soon as possible.

Gaurav - Where in the world are you? I tried your number thousand times and all I could hear was a lady repeating ‘The number you're trying to call is currently not reachable. Please try again, later'.
Me - Oh! I am in Metro. Signal malfunction.
Gaurav - Now get off the train and come back to Welcome metro station, today we'll party.
Me - Party? For what?
Gaurav - I got a bike. Its a bike-getting treat, starting right now. You, me and Tushar. Come on baby lets hit the road.
Me (amazed) - Gosh! You never told me. I hate you for that. And by the way I'm coming back. Wait for me.

Waiting outside of Welcome metro station for about half an hour was like for eternity until 'they' showed up. 'They', yes, 'they' Gaurav and Tushar. We straight away headed towards PVR, expecting to watch a movie to kill the time but instead we ended up playing video games and bowling. "I am hungry", I said it with resting my palm on my tummy.

When you're in Delhi, breaking traffic rule is one thing you relish the most. (yes, We were about to break them). Tripling on the main road, no helmets and license. We somehow managed to embark Keventers (restaurant meant to serve Chinese and Thai delicacies). With a high spirit we placed our orders irrespective of their cost (come on it was supposed to be a Bike-Getting treat). Tushar's right hand went straight inside his bag.

Me - Sprite!?! Why have you brought this? We could've got it from here too!
Tushar - Yeah! Don't force your mind knees into this, apparently your mind resides there. You cannot expect a party without this.
Me (flustered) - Explain it. Since when this soft drink launched its new flavor? I am not a highly intelligent specie like you.
Tushar – Nothing, you just drop your chilly potatoes into your belly and have a sip, it'll work as a digestive drink.

Both of them were after me to have a sip of their holy sprite. Unaware of the contamination I gulped it in one go. Eww........They forcibly caught me from my mouth and eventually compelled me to guide that bitter sprite through my throat, touching my food pipe and finally diffusing into my belly. It was hell bitter, I'd have preferred cucumber juice instead of this awful sprite. "What the hell have you mixed in it", I shouted at my peak, the very next moment an unexpected answer struck my ear drums. Vodka. Am I hearing it right? Vodka. I could tell it was profusely mixed. 

By this time I could believe that I consumed handful amount of this hard drink Vodka was actually getting hold on my Central Nervous System. I was in a peculiar state of mind, everything was appearing to be odd. I was stumbled into a solitude. To ease my anxiety Gaurav offered me a piece of cake. "Cake never tasted so different", I said it with a full mouth. "Yeah. Actually the taste is same but it won't bug you unless you anyhow come to know that you're eating a Rum Cake", Tushar with a heavy laugh disclosed this so called top secret plan. Again the same mind boggling tricks happened to me and this time it was much more complicated. Though I could hear the two familiar voices laughing out loud but unfortunately I was bound to keep myself on my feet's. Soon Gaurav's voice was the only which could carry enough decibels audible to human ears to which I believed that Tushar was down. Hahaha!! I couldn't hold it back and started laughing on this latest Tushar development. Later I was told that I was laughing hysterically, facing an eight year old girl, who eventually got frightened and called her Dad who was apparently a body builder. It was a narrow escape.   

With all the bones and muscles intact and properly encased into our body we left for our respective places, it was already 7:30 P.M. Gaurav dropped me at my place. I still wasn't sure where I was. Just the moment I landed in my room, there was she; my Mom. I with a dozy expression saw her, everything was out. I was back into my conscious. My thoughts were running wild, I was sweeting not because I was still clinched by Vodka but what if Mom smells me and figures out what her child had been doing lately. Each second was acting heavily on me. Though I pulled out this never expected situation but I am still in search of those two who knowingly made me drink a concentrated Vodka accompanied with a Rum Cake.

Later next morning again on a phone conversation with Tushar I got to know that I told them All. All? What is this All? He refused to tell me and demanded for another get together. And here I am today fitting my jeans on my waist and ready to go to unveil what All I told him. I hope history doesn't repeats itself.

P.S 1 - Replace Gaurav to Tushar in this post.
P.S 2 - If you're a Lawyer or somehow related to Delhi Police, then the series of actions written in this post are all fictitious. I am an innocent boy. Please spare me, though I can fill you up with Gaurav and Tushar’s address along with their landline numbers.


  1. faadu.......gaurav is me readers........;)
    n tushar in this is prateek in reality......;)

  2. Gaurav- I hate you like hell now. :P

  3. yes ...........gaurav is absolutely ryt!!

  4. When you have friends like these who needs enemies! Btw you are doing a great disservice to Bacardi.

  5. Haha!! In my defense i'd say, first Bacardi did a disservice to me. :P

  6. Is this like your first of downing a Vodka?
    Good work on immortalizin' your experience (Hick!) ....
    Frnz create experiences you cherish for lifetime - so next time raise a toast for 'em.


  7. PoojaYeah! It was fun. :P

    Lioness So true. Cheers!!

  8. did you reveal anything?
    did your mom had a hint...??
    will you give us the answers in next episode ? :P

  9. Ah! I don't remember. Hich! *High*
    I am astute enough to get myself in right position at home so no chance. :P

  10. Wonderful post, really enjoyed going through it, the P.S 2 was amazing :)


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