Friday, November 05, 2010

Bigg Boss 4 - Emotional Attyachaar

Last episode (call it senselessness) of Bigg Boss season 4 compelled me to write a blog post upon it. Bigg Boss season which claims itself to be a family show since season 1 is now turning out to be something above a family show perhaps it has redefined the words Family Show  show which members of family watch after being isolated. Much hyped show hosted by Salman Khan is no more viewer's choice (check TRP). Bringing foreign artists belongings (Veena Malik and Begum Ali) for TRP wasn't a smart move, MNS left no stone unturned to criticize this action. This 4th season is mutating more into a समुदाय भवन (Community Hall), on what basis? Duh! Sara-Ali wedding is an on-screen example. Though the producer of this staged drama was been requested not to air this weeding by this daily soap candid couple but he simply refused to oblige their demand and strictly asked them to read the contract. Couple is expected to file a complaint against the producer in Rakhi Ka Insaaf. 

Somehow Bigg Boss 4 is trying to pronounce itself as a youth show more like MTV. Romance by most and Abuses by Dolly are in the air. Veena Malik's proposal to Hrishant Goswami via Dolly and Hrishant not taking her proposal pushes this much needed producer's effort to set an example that We're your Love Guru. Yeah! Now a boy can expect that a girl can propose him (though it never happens) Ah! Dolly. How could I possibly forget that sloth potato bag that lie on the couch and innovates the ways to get up on feet for dinner. Actually the heaviness of her voice can be conservative sometimes. Like on Diwali, her reduced expenditure on Crackers is one among the two constructive use of her voice.

Some people find Khali the most calm and composed specie among the other odd ones. Well, here are the facts - He earns 5 Lakhs per day from Bigg Boss; living in heaven (since he's without his Wife) and is everyday feed with the best meal which of course is an eight course buffet for a normal man. What else will he want from his life?

Seems like Manoj Tiwari, the Bhojpuri superstar too is under financial crisis. I think Rajnikant has taken over his arena there too. Talk about Ashmit Patel, he's the most flustered among all (yeah more than Rahul Bhatt) though he is trying to appear ubber cool and yet trying hard to make Veena Malik to fall for him (another push to producer's vision stated above), but terribly  fails every time. Shweta Tiwari is also an antique with a uniqueness of bringing tears anytime (without glycerin). By the way, who the hell is Anchal in this show. Oh! Oh! Oh! (I google'd her. Bigg Boss 4 participants) Now I recognize her. 

On looking the statistics I found that KBC 4 is day by day capitalizing Bigg Boss market value (thank God), I mean who'll watch such an ill-equipped show other than the family members of these participants (I doubt that too). My latest worry is what will happen when KBC ends. I don't want to witness this absurdity to kill my time. I'll even prefer Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas se Tez Hai instead of this staged drama.

What vex me the most is the hysterical laughter by Salman Khan, who is always ready with a diplomatic answer over his marriage issues.

Tips to regain the lost charm for Bigg Boss-

#1 Bring back KRK (if you don't know the expansion of KRK then you should jump in a bucket full of water)
Brrrrrr!! Wait let me dry myself. Ah! I'm back.

#2 Raja Choudhary isn't a bad option too.

#3 Since Bunty too was part of this insanity hence it wouldn't be much of a problem to put Kasab or Osama Bin Laden into this jukebox.

and last but not the least

#4 The grand entry of Khali's wife into the house can exponentially increase the Television Rating Points for Bigg Boss's this season.


  1. Great going, Bagri Boy! Recently I came across a news article in TOI about two of the participants of Bigg Boss--Dolly and forgot-his-or-her-name-- and I was surprised that it was considered front page news!

  2. Thank you ma'am. Bigg Boss as front page breaking news. Haha, sure;y this show is famous in TOI's editor's cabin. :P

  3. Bigg Boss on Colors going MTV way isn't that surprising. Both Colors and MTV are channels of same business group: Network 18.

  4. Wow! I never knew that. This means we can expect news channels by Network18 will soon switch to something like Roadies or Splitsvilla of course with Raghu Ram. :P

  5. Dude I can say only one thing. People with very bad taste in television shows watch this crap. There are some people who constantly tweet about what's happening in the house...and it is only then I feel like killing myself. In fact I'll be devoutly thankful when this season will TL will be cleaner after that. Yeah!

  6. LOL
    Yes, Samadrita I can understand. :P


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