Sunday, October 31, 2010

College on Sunday. WTH

It was a fine Friday when we discovered that college's notice board being updated. This phenomenon was new to us, usually there is a fest update but what we read was simply What the Heck (Words manipulated). "Practical classes  on Sunday?". This news was fretting the majority of lads around me and was actually a blessing for nerds. Deepak's actual words after reading this notice was "Ah! Now I can perform my previous practicals and can get my notebook checked now. Hope he bestows me with his alpha+ grade". Ignoring him (like we always do. Nothing new) soon most kicked off their end of the day with their so obvious comments which I cannot lay down here considering the decency of my blog. Hailing the administration for taking away their day was the center of condemn. Most of them were furious since they had very important tasks in-stored for this particular Sunday (to be precise - their plan with their Secret Lovers was ruined). I too was not willing to show up but it doesn't means that I owe a Secret Lover too (committed's ones thinks I am fortunate and singles thinks We are alike, so they don't give a damn). Since a cheap blackmail trick (no attendance on Sunday = no marks in internals) pulled out by the teachers compelled us to show our sparkling teeth's on Sunday too. ''Can't they procrastinate this practical class to next Sunday" a trembling voice from behind managed to get enough decibels to strike our ears. It was Abhishek. His voice was embedded with the element of shock, surprise and what should I do. Seems he was long awaiting for this Sunday to happen. My thoughts straight away said to me "there is the presence of a Secret Lover dude!" I was quite and left college with others for Metro.


We were all set to waste out most precious time with a geek under a roof and inside a room which majority of people calls Laboratory (this name was chosen via application Polls on Facebook). The class was even more boring than Bigg Boss 5 (pre-Dolly introduction to the house). Teacher (I am forgetting his name. Aakash?, Ashish?. What the heck. Let's call him So-So) gave us a list of experiments to copy in experiment notebook and went to play badminton (they played awful. I bet I can play better with my left leg). Something struck in our mind and we in unison discovered it was Vikram's birthday today. A sudden broad smile from Gujarat to Assam splashed on our faces. It was a fluke which gave us a reason to love this Sunday (of course people sitting beside me with Secret Lovers were not too glad). We decided to make this much no-no Sunday (people with Secret Lover's were still sad) a memorable day for us. It was 15 minutes passed since our new found happiness and we strolled to the bakery and ordered a cake (yeah we were going to celebrate but deliberately). "We have the cake", I shouted inside the college premises giving a damn to that bloody cocky professor and his so chamcha the Lab Assistant. Now there we were inside the lab standing against the monstrous machines. "Wait a second, we have a computer (hp) in front of us and my pen drive is preloaded with all time hit tracks. Lets party", Aditya shouted. Soon we were grooving in the lab, can you imagine in the Lab. This half an hour of trauma to the lab came to a halt after we realized we're in college's lab. 

"Where the heck are those two (professor (So-So) and his assistant)?" I interrogated to myself in my thoughts. We tried hard but these two specimens were nowhere to be seen within the campus, eventually we questioned the guard at the reception. And his reply came to us as a slap. "They left half an hour ago" said the Guard. We were baffled. For next 10 minutes none of us were ready to believe this. They Ditched us. The next thing what I heard was screw them! They didn't even took our attendance. 


  1. ha..ha...!! gud 1 prateek!!
    enjoyed reading it!! :))
    can totaly understand,wat trauma u went thru!!
    faced da same,last sunday....without attendence...can u believe!! :((
    atleast u were lucky enough to party in da lab...we had no options!!

  2. :)
    Glad you liked it.
    Seriously I'm already short of attendance and he ditched us.

  3. Too long a post, will read and comment later! :P

  4. Yeah!! Sure. :D
    You commented anyway. :P

  5. LOL..poor u...i very well understand what guys go through wen things like these happen:P
    neways, bettr luck next time!

  6. :)
    Sarah next time we won't reach college. Satyam or PVR would be best place.


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