Sunday, October 31, 2010

College on Sunday. WTH

It was a fine Friday when we discovered that college's notice board being updated. This phenomenon was new to us, usually there is a fest update but what we read was simply What the Heck (Words manipulated). "Practical classes  on Sunday?". This news was fretting the majority of lads around me and was actually a blessing for nerds. Deepak's actual words after reading this notice was "Ah! Now I can perform my previous practicals and can get my notebook checked now. Hope he bestows me with his alpha+ grade". Ignoring him (like we always do. Nothing new) soon most kicked off their end of the day with their so obvious comments which I cannot lay down here considering the decency of my blog. Hailing the administration for taking away their day was the center of condemn. Most of them were furious since they had very important tasks in-stored for this particular Sunday (to be precise - their plan with their Secret Lovers was ruined). I too was not willing to show up but it doesn't means that I owe a Secret Lover too (committed's ones thinks I am fortunate and singles thinks We are alike, so they don't give a damn). Since a cheap blackmail trick (no attendance on Sunday = no marks in internals) pulled out by the teachers compelled us to show our sparkling teeth's on Sunday too. ''Can't they procrastinate this practical class to next Sunday" a trembling voice from behind managed to get enough decibels to strike our ears. It was Abhishek. His voice was embedded with the element of shock, surprise and what should I do. Seems he was long awaiting for this Sunday to happen. My thoughts straight away said to me "there is the presence of a Secret Lover dude!" I was quite and left college with others for Metro.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A life changing lesson

Twitched right ankle, skinned knee, scratched hands, a jerk in left shoulder and an erratic feeling of nausea surrounded my thoughts when a sudden quake hit me hard. It wasn't something ordinary, the quake was a wave of anger with a perfect amount of high pitch dissolved within it which certainly brought me down to the Earth from a Battle field of Thoughts raging between my ears. "Dekh liya? Maine toh pehle he kaha tha but your so called Gen X thinks their parents are miles apart from their own metro believes/thinkings. We don't talk rubbish when we exhort you, it's our experience which says. Now go to your room and don't you dare to come out until tomorrow. I'm bringing First Aid box" roared my Mom.

Yesterday my Dad gifted a shimmering white Honda Activa to my younger brother upon his 10th board success (yeah, he is a 9 pointer and definitely not a Ghissu/Nerd). Activa as a gift came to us more as like a shock instead of a surprise. Kilometer counts 3 Kilometers and fuel meter displayed 'F' ('F' is not to be mistook, here it means Full) took us to an ecstasy. Ah! It was a bliss. 3 rounds of Activa within the society is what it took for us to believe it is for real. Soon after we realized the shock was reality we embarked to our home sweet home (a sudden Bliss makes everything so good). My brother ditched me (like he always does. Hope you know) and went to his own world of Doraemon

I was parking My Activa when a sudden soft-silky voice called for my name. "Hell, I know this voice". I forced my body to take a turn of 180 degree and there she was. Ishita, my neighbor, a cutie pie wearing blue jeans and pink top with an appropriate quote 'Look Above you Jerk' (Yes, I know you are envy of me), I immediately moved my attention to her face. 'Hi' she said with an excitement. I reciprocated her Hi with 'Hie' with twice the excitement that of hers.

'Oho! Naya Activa. Badhiya hai!'' she said it with a great joy. I replied with a triple joy that my Dad gifted it to me without any reason. She was baffled. Not giving much of a consideration to my reply she asked me a favor- Hey! Can you teach me how to drive this? I was flustered, it took me fraction of millisecond to say "Why not yaar!". 'It was my serendipity, Ishita and me. Thank you God. You made a dude's day" was what I was shouting in my thoughts as hard as I could but was also keeping an account that Ishita might not hear it (how smart of me). 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Do you even know about this sport

18th October, the unused special CWG off finally came to an end. A new excitement filled me up soon as I entered in my classroom. Like a usual morning a topic was jumping among the nerds and the studs—CWG. India’s 0-8 loss against the Australia. Man this was something not expected, they raped us brutally – A fellow nerd standing by my side dropped his point into the discussion with a calculated angle and force to make an impact. He was supported by a stud (not me). Soon the topic caught fire and a process of hailing ignited. Momentarily I took myself into my solitude space of thoughts and discovered that the impression by them (studs and nerds) was totally reflecting their own frustration hidden beneath their hockey condemns. I couldn’t stand with this inappropriate discussion and tried to make them realize that instead of loosing Gold, cherish the Silver. Those who could decipher my words brought their trivial allegations to a halt. Unfortunately everyone is not endowed with common sense. Those who weren’t were still nowhere to retreat their words, frenetically defending their feeble innocuous statements against me. I questioned myself ‘was I even more complex than Inception and Digital Fortress or their I.Q is in the negative side according to the I.Q measuring machine (though impossible but I was amidst so many Paris Hilton or Rakhi Sawant)?’

Rohit suddenly burst his theory – Dude, they lost 8 to nil in their own country. “How many football matches you’ve won on your terrace against me. I remember 3 out of 17”, I said sarcastically (thanks to my witty mind). Rohit on his humiliation left the class with disgust.

Now it was my turn – I questioned them. Who was Dhyanchand? The one who dared to answer called him a social reformer who worked with Raja Ram Mohan Roy (name defines only 1 person, not 4) to abolish child marriage. I was totally flattered with his limitless knowledge and called him the Class Guru, to my surprise he was Ankush, studs lifted him up and gave me a boo expression. Showing their triumph over me. Soon after he puffed his chest with pride I sarcastically remarked him a Jerk in a colony of morons. He understood he was wrong (thank God!). Quickly after an internet search for the word Dhyanchand, exactly after 5 seconds he thwacked the ground and left the class with a contemptuous expression. I smiled at him to take his frenzy up to the limit.

Pritam was in front of me and yet again I got my subject to blow. I asked him the name of tours and cups/trophies which hockey has. Not surprisingly he was seeing my face, dumb (I wonder why didn't he answerd Netwest Series or Border-Gavaskar Cup. Hence proved Nerd = Dumb). He was dejected and left like two before. I copied my previous smile and flashed it to the dejected nerd dumb.

I questioned Himanshu (not a stud, neither a nerd, not even useless) to name of 5 hockey players playing India vs. Australia. After mulling for a while and witnessing the sarcasm peak, he deliberately answered Rajpal Singh, Sardar Singh, Chetr…….. I purposely cut him in between (yeah, I'm devilish) and flipped the question to "how many teams play hockey, don’t count those who played at Commonwealth Games 2010?". Baffled, smitten within his own incomplete knowledge. Like others he too left with fireballs in his eyes and I too reciprocated my act of smile, leaving no stone unturned.

The bitter truth is that Indian sports were never being emphasized. It was never a subject of interest for the government. Facilitating the sportsperson is not even the last thing that government could think of. I wonder how’d present medal tally for CWG 2010 appear if they were being properly provided with all what  they need. Everyone cannot be Abhinav Bindra who can build their own personal practice grounds. (Duh!!)

I reprieved and my sarcasm spree came to a halt after I convincingly introduced their prejudice to the reality. Like I said my day was channelized with new excitement and now a sense of winning an argument also filled me up. Ah! accomplishment was notched. Soon my lecture for Numerical Analysis and Programming (boring…) begun and everything settled down like it use to be but I still cherish morning of 18th October after all it was my day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes, I love her

These are the words which I often restrain to speak in front of her. I have never said them in words but expressed it numerous times. I just cannot say — I love you. I dig as deep as I could into my thoughts but find no reason not to say it to her.

She cares for me, yes she does. She always encourages me whenever I am down. She loathes me whenever I am over-high. She is perfect and she is my first love and forever will be. Yes, indeed  it was love at first sight. You might want to ask – Is she possessive? I’d reply - Yeah, she is. And me? Well I'll say - I am shy; introvert towards these feelings. As we grow our bond went unbreakable. Fights? Yeah there are more than a lot of fights (call it our daily routine). Surprisingly post every fight we emerged as more connected beings.

She calls me everyday, asks me where I am. Exhorts me— "be careful sweetie, world is so mean for innocents like you"; asks me what I had in lunch, am I full or still clinched by the hunger? I every time generously with a low pitch voice answer to every question she puts for me. Yes, I truly love her and surely she loves me too.

Her whisper gives me immense peace when I am dozing off at night and her sweetest voice wakes me up each morning. Every morning I ask myself— why did I wake up? And yet again her voice touches my ear drums and answers me, College Jaana hai!! (Duh!)

She is most trusted by me (call it blindly), there is nothing to mention - does she trusts me, because I cannot display the strength of the bond which we share. I cannot share her name here, she might not like it neither I can pen every single moment that she made special for me, list is endless.

We shop together at malls; yes she chooses attires for me which perfectly matches me and so far she is doing the best, we go for movies together; buy tickets 5 minutes before the movie begins, we enjoy ice-cream together; although I eat major part of her ice cream too. I make her laugh hard and she makes me laugh hardest. This is how we go.

Pizza is her favorite out of all and Vanilla cup is what she enjoys the most. We never skipped any of these two while we are on outing.

| Isn't she great? And this is how she is. This is how my Mom is………

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it publicity?

Again a series of discussion broke out between me and my brother. My day is never complete unless we fight. Cute na!!  We fight until mom threatens to throw the Elder One out of this house and unfortunately I am the Elder One. Now we were settled in my room to start what we left. “Where were we” I asked with a puzzled expression. My brother is astute enough, not leaving even the slightest possibility of not disgrace my intelligence with his pinching lines. Leaving me in a state of anger but yes I controlled myself. I don’t want get thrown out of my house like a piece of junk.
We continued. Regarding? This time the topic was publicizing your relationship. His friend recently turned Double from Single; of course he changed his Facebook and Orkut relationship status to which I called a Publicity Stunt. Being a very good friend my brother took no time to defend his dearest friend and retaliated my so obvious statement with his bizarre taunt Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad. Although he was right but then everyone develops their own hypothesis. I’ve never been in a favor to open a relationship to public, while my brother follows an ideology of Pyaar kia toh darna kya. Yes his theories are ridiculing, perhaps I am very much certain; his theories are framed particularly to vex me. Would you still call him Cute? According to him being public about a relation signifies the acceptance of this bond shared by two. There is no harm in confessing something which is true. Celebs are ought to keep themselves private as they could be publicized by India TV. Though publicity is spicy but it defames their public image, you cannot be Miley Cirus or Darsheel Safari. Talking in terms of aam teenager it is very much important to announce your relationship status. Why? Because this would rather secure your girl with a pile on or a hit by a dude when you’re at a bar who later turns out to be your very good friend. No worries when everyone knows that girl is already not their property they’d stop staring at her with open mouth until the girl herself leaves the place. I asked him do you too do this process of staring a girl, but he was clever enough to tag this activity as a Natural Phenomenon. He always tickles my bone with his unconventional words and then put an effort to manifest what he just said.
It is natural, no one agrees with their siblings. My brother asks my mom to make daal chawal and ask her to prepare choole puri. See told ya!!
Yes I presented my own theory of why not being public with relationships is good. And my dearest brother started snoring. Without giving any attention to his beatable action I tried to concentrate on what I was about to say.
Relation is shared between two people (Context – Love between boy and a girl), it is trivial to stand on your rooftop and announce the world “hey world! Guess what, I got a brand new girlfriend for myself”. This is matter of your own personal space and your partner’s of course, better it should be kept private. Hit on and piling on are the part. Considering the fact that females are always the center of attraction for some unwanted weed sucking lads, it has to be faced and the best would be to ignore such junks instead of taking it on heart (my brother acted like he is being seduced by his bed, sleep taking over his body and cannot bear this philosophical lecture any more — he often do this whenever he is about to lose any debate against me).
And yet again we start our battle royal, this time on my bed. Mum rushing out from kitchen to my room with belan in one hand, threatening us to throw the Elder One out of this house. We halted, moved to a new place, to our PC, again a discussion starts over what I am going to write on my blog this time. And now again we are fighting over the topic to be debated on The Unwise prevails over the Wise. Now please excuse me, I gotta hit him hard this time……………………………………

Gimme my pillow you jerk!!

ouch, puff, wroom, dhushum-dhishum…………. 

Friday, October 08, 2010

Memories Revisited

Human beings are mirror that reflects the definition imperfect and not always in control. We desperately strive to defeat these realities and unfortunately are doomed to fail. Even when five people each see the same thing they often disagree on what they saw. Perception is colored by perspective, geographical position, eyesight, personality, beliefs, past experiences, and especially emotions. We see file photographs and often summarize and classify them or witness exactly what we have experienced already, giving a sudden flash of old memories from Subconscious Mind, this sudden outbreak of memories is Déjà vu.


Every time I pass by a park, I see children playing.  It halts me. I sit down on the green grass. Ah! They smell same as they used to when I was a kid. I see them playing on Sea-Saw, encasing them in mud moderately mixed with water giving a brisk effervescence of that heavenly smell which again revived those  everlasting days. I once again saw myself in that boy with blue Tee and denim shorts. Jumping off from Jungle Tree, sliding down from Giraffe.
Yes, I use to be exactly like that little Me—

Anecdotes — Chronicles of my Life

Those Were The Days
Those were the blissful days. Days’ when being nonsense was just innocence, the word relationship was only limited to Mother – Son – Father, days’ when there was no gender, caste or society difference, race was always suppose to be a Race in a field with starting line and finishing line, choosing a crayon was a distress instead of career, 1 + 2 = 3 were the toughest mathematics problem rather than integration and differentiation. Snuggled in dust and mud, almost every day ripping off jeans and shorts at the park, turning white school shirt into light brown. Neighbors complaining— look Mrs. Kiran your darling son has yet again ended up breaking my window pane. I wonder how can he always aim at my house? Making excuses to Mom, every weekend an action figure from Dad, skinned knees, sharing lunch, fights for the window seat in the bus, thrill of upcoming festivals leaving in frenzy. Beside all these, gelling up with some anonymous friend of friend so easily was the best part. Mario and Taken 3 were the best entertainment which one could possibly get. Perhaps was a farewell for me. Fights with my younger devil brother like there is no tomorrow. And how can I forget his exquisite emotionally blackmailing tactics. We were always opposite to each other, like two poles of a magnet. But yes we thoroughly enjoyed our Bachpan. Ice-creams and chocolates were used to be my 7 course meal of all time; I mean who doesn't like to get dipped into the world of Ice-cream. 
Multi – Ambition, each new morning gave me a new ambition to ride upon. From an astronaut to a farmer. Apparently life never lets you be what you exactly wanted to be. I also do remember my first ever crush on my teacher. And now when I look back then I realize Ah! I was too once a kid. Yes everything revived. I remember my toys, which are still my possessions, I remember the old Cartoon Network. Perhaps things have changed now. At times I think and feel proud to be a part of such a classic era which eventually ended. Left a deep impression in heart and joyful memories back in my Subconscious Mind. I still momentarily give a profuse random thoughts to go back into those blissful days and thwack the ground.
Whenever I dive into the world of these nostalgic anecdote, I end up staring at some random girl giving me a furious look and yes a small lump in my throat.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Loving a Relation

Yeah here I go again. This particular blog post is dedicated to a field of discussion which requires a lot of patience perhaps hell lot of presence of mind. You might be giving wild shots on what I am going to write but the truth is the label and the title to this post clear’s most of the mist, you can’t fool me, I’m a Blogger. Relationships. Most of you might now read this post much carefully than the regular type but I’m sorry to disappoint you this is the best topic which sucks for me, leaving me impotent. Yes, I have a tremendous ability to score double zero's in this field of life, perhaps I’ll top any examination titled How well you don’t understand a Girl or somewhat similar to this. Though I’ve never been into any but yes it does fascinates me a lot; this gives me a reason to write upon it.
Like every normal Boy I too flunk numerous times while understanding their complexity. At times, end up misunderstanding them and most of the times leaving them misunderstood about me. Needless to say I’m a curiosity driven homosapien, of course I want to know what is in their mind when it comes to commitments? 
There are stigmas attached with this commitment.

- You tend to screw yourself.
- Your friends feel you’re moving away from them. Betrayal.
- Your happiness appears to be superficial to most of your friends.
- Your best friend develops an impression of Swine for your partner, since you are bound with time limitations.
- Last, yes the least – Your over enthusiastic inclination(Read it over-joyfulness) towards life because of your partner gives your parents Goosebumps— Your parents starts believing that their sweetheart is on Drugs and living on Alcohol. What else could be the possible reason for your sudden ecstasy?
Yes parents do eliminate the most vital element of happiness of their Boy’s life, his new found Girlfriend (which he obviously boast about) and Girl’s life, her new found Love (which she obviously never boast about)
I never had any personal encounter with Relationship but a friend in need is a friend in deed, my best friend (unfortunately committed) taught me. How modest of him. Thank you my best friend.
I am not trying to defame any of the sex but trying to understand the fairer one from the perspective of boys (and it’s so hard).
What life had taught me over past 2 years is— never try to rush into a Relationship until you’re sure. Boys strive hard to get a Girlfriend to grow their social status. I’ve seen people changing their Relationship Status on Facebook in a very peculiar manner

Single —> In a Relationship with XYZ
After 3 days my News Feed displays
Your friend ABC has gone Single from Being In a Relationship

And I thoroughly enjoy such posts by liking them. Can’t help, I love provoking.

It’s never the dark side of a person which is responsible to break a Relationship; it is always the reason behind why you held this Relation for so long. It is believed that people change in Relationships; certainly untrue I know someone who is same as he was. 
Now let me put a full stop to this topic I cannot write more on this abhi toh mei bachcha he hoon!!