Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes, I love her

These are the words which I often restrain to speak in front of her. I have never said them in words but expressed it numerous times. I just cannot say — I love you. I dig as deep as I could into my thoughts but find no reason not to say it to her.

She cares for me, yes she does. She always encourages me whenever I am down. She loathes me whenever I am over-high. She is perfect and she is my first love and forever will be. Yes, indeed  it was love at first sight. You might want to ask – Is she possessive? I’d reply - Yeah, she is. And me? Well I'll say - I am shy; introvert towards these feelings. As we grow our bond went unbreakable. Fights? Yeah there are more than a lot of fights (call it our daily routine). Surprisingly post every fight we emerged as more connected beings.

She calls me everyday, asks me where I am. Exhorts me— "be careful sweetie, world is so mean for innocents like you"; asks me what I had in lunch, am I full or still clinched by the hunger? I every time generously with a low pitch voice answer to every question she puts for me. Yes, I truly love her and surely she loves me too.

Her whisper gives me immense peace when I am dozing off at night and her sweetest voice wakes me up each morning. Every morning I ask myself— why did I wake up? And yet again her voice touches my ear drums and answers me, College Jaana hai!! (Duh!)

She is most trusted by me (call it blindly), there is nothing to mention - does she trusts me, because I cannot display the strength of the bond which we share. I cannot share her name here, she might not like it neither I can pen every single moment that she made special for me, list is endless.

We shop together at malls; yes she chooses attires for me which perfectly matches me and so far she is doing the best, we go for movies together; buy tickets 5 minutes before the movie begins, we enjoy ice-cream together; although I eat major part of her ice cream too. I make her laugh hard and she makes me laugh hardest. This is how we go.

Pizza is her favorite out of all and Vanilla cup is what she enjoys the most. We never skipped any of these two while we are on outing.

| Isn't she great? And this is how she is. This is how my Mom is………


  1. i wish u both always be together!!!
    its so sweet n touchin...
    a fairytale i must say...

  2. @Prateek... fantastic yaar. I was moved away by this post...keep it up! lolz...

  3. Well, thank you Rahul. My mom too was moved after reading this. :P

  4. Too good.....I had started feeling, "Wow, that's dreamlike! :-/"

  5. Glad you liked it Sugandha. :-/ :P

  6. OH MA MA MA... My god...what do i say... simply loved it... :)

  7. Bagri bhai, I was thinking ki tu kitna kamina ho chuka he. Aise, on blog, ye drama kr rha he, just to get some attention.. just then I read the last line.. And you know it just peirced through me within..! God bless you, and your mother who has got a good son.. :)

  8. Ayush I was waiting for someone from school to comment, just to bring me back on ground. :P Um! Nothing like attention mate, I leave it to writers. Bloggers don't blog for attention, writer writes. :P Thanks. :)


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