Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A life changing lesson

Twitched right ankle, skinned knee, scratched hands, a jerk in left shoulder and an erratic feeling of nausea surrounded my thoughts when a sudden quake hit me hard. It wasn't something ordinary, the quake was a wave of anger with a perfect amount of high pitch dissolved within it which certainly brought me down to the Earth from a Battle field of Thoughts raging between my ears. "Dekh liya? Maine toh pehle he kaha tha but your so called Gen X thinks their parents are miles apart from their own metro believes/thinkings. We don't talk rubbish when we exhort you, it's our experience which says. Now go to your room and don't you dare to come out until tomorrow. I'm bringing First Aid box" roared my Mom.

Yesterday my Dad gifted a shimmering white Honda Activa to my younger brother upon his 10th board success (yeah, he is a 9 pointer and definitely not a Ghissu/Nerd). Activa as a gift came to us more as like a shock instead of a surprise. Kilometer counts 3 Kilometers and fuel meter displayed 'F' ('F' is not to be mistook, here it means Full) took us to an ecstasy. Ah! It was a bliss. 3 rounds of Activa within the society is what it took for us to believe it is for real. Soon after we realized the shock was reality we embarked to our home sweet home (a sudden Bliss makes everything so good). My brother ditched me (like he always does. Hope you know) and went to his own world of Doraemon

I was parking My Activa when a sudden soft-silky voice called for my name. "Hell, I know this voice". I forced my body to take a turn of 180 degree and there she was. Ishita, my neighbor, a cutie pie wearing blue jeans and pink top with an appropriate quote 'Look Above you Jerk' (Yes, I know you are envy of me), I immediately moved my attention to her face. 'Hi' she said with an excitement. I reciprocated her Hi with 'Hie' with twice the excitement that of hers.

'Oho! Naya Activa. Badhiya hai!'' she said it with a great joy. I replied with a triple joy that my Dad gifted it to me without any reason. She was baffled. Not giving much of a consideration to my reply she asked me a favor- Hey! Can you teach me how to drive this? I was flustered, it took me fraction of millisecond to say "Why not yaar!". 'It was my serendipity, Ishita and me. Thank you God. You made a dude's day" was what I was shouting in my thoughts as hard as I could but was also keeping an account that Ishita might not hear it (how smart of me). 

Next morning it was 5 AM and I was all set to teach her How to Drive. She appeared magically and was set to learn (I know now YOU're more envious of Me). She was sitting behind me and we were on a hunt of an open road. Finally we were there. She asked me to handle Activa to her. I happily let her took the control. She was doing good until she tried to get out Activa between two cars with 'L' printed on its back and front. I was under the awe of her beauty and never realized that my body was going to be subjecting to a pain at 25 km/h.

Ouch, mummyy!!! Were the words which brought to the real world. My legs were trashed against the cars (since they were hanging out of Activa post misery), my shoulder was hit hard against the back of Zen. A feeling of where the hell is my Shoulder? surrounded my thoughts. Stars were dancing in front of me, calling me a perfect example of Oxymoron. Hitherto, I realized I was no longer sitting behind the beauty, I was lying on road (Ouch! It still hurts.), my new Activa too was resting on the road with profuse scratches and deep cuts on it white elegant body. Activa was blind now, headlight was gone; he (Activa) was without ears, side view mirrors and  indicators were nowhere to be seen on road. I found Ishita running towards me. With trembling words and tears in eyes all I could say was "You tried to murder on my Child". She took aback. I after a lot of struggle got up on my feet (I think I WAS on My feet's), lifted my baby off the ground and pushed the self start button. There was a complete silence around us. Without saying a word I accelerated Activa and left for home abandoning her 5 kilometers away from her place (fortunately she wasn't carrying her mobile) and didn't looked back.

I reached home and Mom roared on me, she is yet to see how Activa looks like now. 
I learned something that day A lesson - Never teach anyone how to drive when ride is Your own.


  1. awesome, even if it's fiction u r a writer dude better den chetan bhagat

  2. Thanks Gaurav. An appreciation coming straight from a best friend makes me feel i'm little more than a useless Blogger. :-P

  3. Bikes and babes, tough options to choose from! Those moments of bumps and breaks could make you see the heaven, and one missed break and turn could get you back to the ground, which is what happened to you! :p

    It seems you learned a lesson of your life, while she never learned how to ride! But no dude, take her our out again, I can see a love story in the making here! :)

    Well narrated and you made the readers imagine the whole incident!

  4. Thank you Sourav. Yeah! A love story of boy who could barely speak now after witnessing a murder attempt. :P
    And people thought post is funny. :D

  5. Should not have left the girl alone. Bad boy!


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