Friday, October 22, 2010

Do you even know about this sport

18th October, the unused special CWG off finally came to an end. A new excitement filled me up soon as I entered in my classroom. Like a usual morning a topic was jumping among the nerds and the studs—CWG. India’s 0-8 loss against the Australia. Man this was something not expected, they raped us brutally – A fellow nerd standing by my side dropped his point into the discussion with a calculated angle and force to make an impact. He was supported by a stud (not me). Soon the topic caught fire and a process of hailing ignited. Momentarily I took myself into my solitude space of thoughts and discovered that the impression by them (studs and nerds) was totally reflecting their own frustration hidden beneath their hockey condemns. I couldn’t stand with this inappropriate discussion and tried to make them realize that instead of loosing Gold, cherish the Silver. Those who could decipher my words brought their trivial allegations to a halt. Unfortunately everyone is not endowed with common sense. Those who weren’t were still nowhere to retreat their words, frenetically defending their feeble innocuous statements against me. I questioned myself ‘was I even more complex than Inception and Digital Fortress or their I.Q is in the negative side according to the I.Q measuring machine (though impossible but I was amidst so many Paris Hilton or Rakhi Sawant)?’

Rohit suddenly burst his theory – Dude, they lost 8 to nil in their own country. “How many football matches you’ve won on your terrace against me. I remember 3 out of 17”, I said sarcastically (thanks to my witty mind). Rohit on his humiliation left the class with disgust.

Now it was my turn – I questioned them. Who was Dhyanchand? The one who dared to answer called him a social reformer who worked with Raja Ram Mohan Roy (name defines only 1 person, not 4) to abolish child marriage. I was totally flattered with his limitless knowledge and called him the Class Guru, to my surprise he was Ankush, studs lifted him up and gave me a boo expression. Showing their triumph over me. Soon after he puffed his chest with pride I sarcastically remarked him a Jerk in a colony of morons. He understood he was wrong (thank God!). Quickly after an internet search for the word Dhyanchand, exactly after 5 seconds he thwacked the ground and left the class with a contemptuous expression. I smiled at him to take his frenzy up to the limit.

Pritam was in front of me and yet again I got my subject to blow. I asked him the name of tours and cups/trophies which hockey has. Not surprisingly he was seeing my face, dumb (I wonder why didn't he answerd Netwest Series or Border-Gavaskar Cup. Hence proved Nerd = Dumb). He was dejected and left like two before. I copied my previous smile and flashed it to the dejected nerd dumb.

I questioned Himanshu (not a stud, neither a nerd, not even useless) to name of 5 hockey players playing India vs. Australia. After mulling for a while and witnessing the sarcasm peak, he deliberately answered Rajpal Singh, Sardar Singh, Chetr…….. I purposely cut him in between (yeah, I'm devilish) and flipped the question to "how many teams play hockey, don’t count those who played at Commonwealth Games 2010?". Baffled, smitten within his own incomplete knowledge. Like others he too left with fireballs in his eyes and I too reciprocated my act of smile, leaving no stone unturned.

The bitter truth is that Indian sports were never being emphasized. It was never a subject of interest for the government. Facilitating the sportsperson is not even the last thing that government could think of. I wonder how’d present medal tally for CWG 2010 appear if they were being properly provided with all what  they need. Everyone cannot be Abhinav Bindra who can build their own personal practice grounds. (Duh!!)

I reprieved and my sarcasm spree came to a halt after I convincingly introduced their prejudice to the reality. Like I said my day was channelized with new excitement and now a sense of winning an argument also filled me up. Ah! accomplishment was notched. Soon my lecture for Numerical Analysis and Programming (boring…) begun and everything settled down like it use to be but I still cherish morning of 18th October after all it was my day.


  1. Glad you put a post and the header of the article is awesome .. yepp a right question Do we even know the game .. and its our NATIONAL GAME...

    I love the game still play it here, and we got a silver thats a good achievement and the reason we had 8 goals is not because we are crap but thats the nature of the game and it has changed os much, has become so fast that 5 -6 or even 10 goals are expected in a game

    good one loved it .. did u see the match between india and pakistan .. more goals were scored in that game

    Bikram's Blog

  2. Thank you Bikram! This post was written to realize people - there is a game called Hockey. Don't hail until you follow.


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