Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it publicity?

Again a series of discussion broke out between me and my brother. My day is never complete unless we fight. Cute na!!  We fight until mom threatens to throw the Elder One out of this house and unfortunately I am the Elder One. Now we were settled in my room to start what we left. “Where were we” I asked with a puzzled expression. My brother is astute enough, not leaving even the slightest possibility of not disgrace my intelligence with his pinching lines. Leaving me in a state of anger but yes I controlled myself. I don’t want get thrown out of my house like a piece of junk.
We continued. Regarding? This time the topic was publicizing your relationship. His friend recently turned Double from Single; of course he changed his Facebook and Orkut relationship status to which I called a Publicity Stunt. Being a very good friend my brother took no time to defend his dearest friend and retaliated my so obvious statement with his bizarre taunt Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad. Although he was right but then everyone develops their own hypothesis. I’ve never been in a favor to open a relationship to public, while my brother follows an ideology of Pyaar kia toh darna kya. Yes his theories are ridiculing, perhaps I am very much certain; his theories are framed particularly to vex me. Would you still call him Cute? According to him being public about a relation signifies the acceptance of this bond shared by two. There is no harm in confessing something which is true. Celebs are ought to keep themselves private as they could be publicized by India TV. Though publicity is spicy but it defames their public image, you cannot be Miley Cirus or Darsheel Safari. Talking in terms of aam teenager it is very much important to announce your relationship status. Why? Because this would rather secure your girl with a pile on or a hit by a dude when you’re at a bar who later turns out to be your very good friend. No worries when everyone knows that girl is already not their property they’d stop staring at her with open mouth until the girl herself leaves the place. I asked him do you too do this process of staring a girl, but he was clever enough to tag this activity as a Natural Phenomenon. He always tickles my bone with his unconventional words and then put an effort to manifest what he just said.
It is natural, no one agrees with their siblings. My brother asks my mom to make daal chawal and ask her to prepare choole puri. See told ya!!
Yes I presented my own theory of why not being public with relationships is good. And my dearest brother started snoring. Without giving any attention to his beatable action I tried to concentrate on what I was about to say.
Relation is shared between two people (Context – Love between boy and a girl), it is trivial to stand on your rooftop and announce the world “hey world! Guess what, I got a brand new girlfriend for myself”. This is matter of your own personal space and your partner’s of course, better it should be kept private. Hit on and piling on are the part. Considering the fact that females are always the center of attraction for some unwanted weed sucking lads, it has to be faced and the best would be to ignore such junks instead of taking it on heart (my brother acted like he is being seduced by his bed, sleep taking over his body and cannot bear this philosophical lecture any more — he often do this whenever he is about to lose any debate against me).
And yet again we start our battle royal, this time on my bed. Mum rushing out from kitchen to my room with belan in one hand, threatening us to throw the Elder One out of this house. We halted, moved to a new place, to our PC, again a discussion starts over what I am going to write on my blog this time. And now again we are fighting over the topic to be debated on The Unwise prevails over the Wise. Now please excuse me, I gotta hit him hard this time……………………………………

Gimme my pillow you jerk!!

ouch, puff, wroom, dhushum-dhishum…………. 


  1. :D
    now your brother will start the duel here

  2. Nopes!! I paid him enough, not to publicize himself on my blog. :D

  3. hey!! really interesting...i loved it!!
    ur bro ll do d same on hs blog!!

  4. hi prateek .u took me to my old days with my brother ,we had lot of cat fights though we had 7 rs differnce.we fight now also on so many topics,but only difference is its more dignified ,seems like it is a cold war.:)

  5. Nikki - No! His blog theme is somewhat different than a usual blog. :P
    He is bound not to express his views on me on his blog.

    Raji - I'm glad that this post took you somewhere down to your past. Nostalgic.
    Thank you

  6. siblings.. siblings..!! why cant they ever agree on a topic in spite of the similar genes they share..and that reminds me of my daily uncut routine too..stupid fights with my bro.. btw i agree with PRATUL over the topic..:P

  7. Karo karo usi ki badhi karo yahan bhe. :'(
    BTW Pratul says- Thank you. :)

  8. ur post is more abt the cute sibling rivalry u share with ur brother than the topic:) as 4 tht i m on ur brother's side that there is no harm in showing off ur status unless and until u actually meant to shw it off and its nothing serious!

  9. This was the post which I wrote while fighting with him. Pratul says Thank you for backing him up (he needs it, :P)


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